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September, 2006

  • simon.says

    What do you need to know to be an IT Architect?

    Update: This post has moved to here . My team has been spending a fair amount of time recently asking this question "What is it that you need to know to be an IT Architect?". What you should be reading? What skills should you be honing? Who should...
  • simon.says

    Renaming GTD Tasks in Outlook 2007

    While using Outlook 2007 as my GTD tool, one of the things I’ve been missing is having the ability to rename tasks on the fly. Here’s a pretty common situation: · A new message arrives with the subject of “RE: Purchase Order”. It’s from Jack, and...
  • simon.says

    Come Help Build a Better Architect Community!

    Who do you know that gets to play at work all day? It could be you. If you know the latest Web 2.0 and community technologies (RSS, ESS, IM Bots, Community Server, Wikis, VoD, Podcasts) and have a passion for IT architecture, then do we have a job in...
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