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  • Blog Post: PDC Debrief

    Kirill has a great debrief of our Web Services interoperability session at PDC last month. Also, you may want to checkout the interoperability plugfest that his group is running.
  • Blog Post: Graham Glass leaves webMethods

    If you haven't heard, Graham Glass , a fellow brit and good friend of mine, has resigned as CTO of webMethods. Graham and I did a lot of work together in his former days at The Mind Electric. From his blog, Graham says he'll be focusing on a new company concentrating on eduction. If it's anything...
  • Blog Post: Custom Exception Handling in Indigo

    One question I frequently get asked is "how do I handle exceptions over Web Services?" If you've ever tried passing exceptions using Web Services you'll likely be able to relate to the issues. The main problem is that the majority of toolkits don't have a great way to deserialize generated SOAP Faults...
  • Blog Post: Groktalks at TechEd

    Now, these are my kind of sessions! 10 minutes and to the point. Not to be missed!
  • Blog Post: Microsoft ARC (Architecture Resource Center)

    Our team has released a new architecture section on Check it out to see: The latest issue of the Architect Journal Architecture focused events and Webcasts Details on the Microsoft Certified Architect program Architect-related blogs and bloggers
  • Blog Post: Microsoft at TechEd also ;-)

    As I mentioned in my last post I'll be at JavaOne this year - but before that of course I'll be making my way down to TechEd! I'll be presenting on Saturday 4th for TechEd Academic at the University of Florida. I always enjoy the academic sessions as it helps put different perspectives on many topics...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft at JavaOne

    As you may have read from TheServerSide's post or through other articles, Microsoft will be attending JavaOne this year in San Francisco. We've been working with Sun over the past few months to put together an Interoperability track on the Tuesday of the conference. The track includes the following...
  • Blog Post: Kirill is Blogging!

    Kirill is blogging. Here he shares some great information on WS-Security interop between WSE 2.0 SP3 and IBM WebSphere 6.0...
  • Blog Post: JAR Hell

    Dino posts an amusing story about "JAR Hell" and battling with 7 copies of the log4j.jar library...
  • Blog Post: Accessing MSMQ from Java

    Here's a nice post from Dino showing options (and alas a solution) for accessing MSMQ libraries from Java. I haven't tried the sample code yet, but it looks like a good approach.
  • Blog Post: Steve Maine on Isomorphism

    I'm a little late catching up with some blog reading but (if you haven't seen it already) here is a nice post from Steve Maine on Isomorphism. I especially like the metaphor when used with the REST example at the end of the article.
  • Blog Post: Chris on Managing Security Context Tokens (SCTs) in a Web Farm

    Chris Keyser (whose office is actually next to mine) releases a new MSDN article on " Managing Security Context Tokens in a Web Farm ". This is something that he's been working on for the past few months, and is definitely worth the read for those looking to extend the WSE 2.0 implementation of WS-SecureConversation...
  • Blog Post: Contract First Web Services Interoperability with IBM WebSphere

    Dino Chiesa and team release a new article on MSDN covering Contract First interoperability with IBM WebSphere . Dino’s approach echoes much of the discussion currently around Schema, Message, Data and Code first development for Web Services. Definitely a recommended read: This is now also in the articles...
  • Blog Post: Interop Bloggers!

    A couple of discovered blogs with Interop in mind: Dino’s DotNetInterop blog Chris Green’s Interoperability blog Subscribed!
  • Blog Post: Do you have what it takes to write for MSDN?

    This week sees a new article on the MSDN Web Services Interoperability page: Improving Web Service Interoperability by Aaron Skonnard . In his article Aaron talks about how interoperability requires teamwork, a good understanding of Web Services Profiles and also looks at some of the WS-I testing tools...
  • Blog Post: Christian on Contract-First Development

    Christian blogs about WsContractFirst v0.3, a new tool that generates Web Service code from an existing WSDL file. The tool runs neatly within Visual Studio .NET - easy as right-clicking on a WSDL file in Solution Explorer. I'm interested to see how the area of contract-first development matures. Personally...
  • Blog Post: Rob Mensching talks about WiX and SourceForge

    I emailed Rob Mensching (responsible for Wix on SourceForge) some questions about Microsoft, the WiX project, open source projects and SourceForge. He decided to post his answers here:
  • Blog Post: TechEd 2004 (San Diego, May 23rd - 28th)

    TechEd 2004 is in San Diego (May 23rd - 28th) and the agenda has recently been posted to the site . I'll be presenting on Thursday 27th in WIN325 Microsoft and Interoperability . This is a new session where I'll be exploring all of the interoperability touch points that we have within Microsoft -...
  • Blog Post: Changing the font size in VS.NET

    One of the repetitive tasks I always find myself doing for presentations and demos is adjusting the font size in VS.NET. I'll open the IDE, someone at the back of the room will announce that they can't read the font and then I'll spend a valuable 10 minutes hunting through the myriad of options for a...
  • Blog Post: John's blogging!

    Blogging in the .NEAT team is spreading quicker than the MyDoom virus! Welcome John , who I'm sure will have some great thoughts and observations around SOA.
  • Blog Post: MS Bloggers on! goes live today, sharing the same infrastructure as Here's some more info:
  • Blog Post: Welcome David

    A co-worker of mine (and fellow ex-Pat), David Hill joins the blogging foray...
  • Blog Post: Ram Blogging!

    My 'next door neighbor', Ram now has a blog. Some good architectural posts and comments here...
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