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  • Blog Post: Call for Papers: Architecture Journal Issue #9

    Microsoft’s Architecture Journal is a quarterly magazine, providing a world-class forum for the publication of unique articles on how good architecture can help create great implementations. Microsoft’s Architecture Journal is available as a printed subscription (you can order your own here ) and also...
  • Blog Post: ARC202 - Slides from TechEd 2006

    I've now uploaded my slides (hosting space courtesy of Mark ) from my user experience presentation at TechEd 2006 this week. You can find them here: PowerPoint 2003 Format (60Mb) PowerPoint 2007 Beta 2 Format (20Mb) *** Update - Fixed link (again) ***
  • Blog Post: ARC202 – Putting the User Back into SOA (TechEd)

    Thanks to all that came to my session today (ARC202 – Putting the User Back into SOA) at 10.45am. I really enjoyed putting the talk together and appreciate all the feedback (yes, I know the title of the talk needs changing for next time). For those looking for the PPT, I am working on it! The deck...
  • Blog Post: Putting the User back into SOA - my first ARCast!

    After the US NAF (National Architect Forum) last month, I sat down with Ron Jacobs to record my very first ARCast . The topic was "Putting the User back into SOA" - you can listen to it here .
  • Blog Post: Architecture Journal - now in 8 languages!

    Issue #7 of the Architecture Journal is now available in 8 languages (English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Simplifed Chinese, Japanese and Korean). To access these in PDF format, visit and select the lanuage from the top menu. Enjoy.
  • Blog Post: Microsoft at JavaOne 2006

    I can't believe it's been a year since I was at JavaOne last year - it seems like only yesterday I was getting my picture at Duke's 10 year birthday! (only kidding, of course :-)) Although I'm not in San Francisco for this year's conference, Microsoft do have a couple of sessions and a booth on the...
  • Blog Post: Cliff Atkinson / Beyond Bullet Points

    Cliff Atkinson is my new hero. For those that don't know, Cliff put together an MS Press book called Beyond Bullet Points . In the book, he describes a new way of compiling and putting together presentations using PowerPoint (without bullet points!). I used this style in a recent keynote I did at the...
  • Blog Post: Iron Architect at TechEd US 2006

    Coming to TechEd US this year? Think you are a pretty good architect? Think you are the best architect at the conference? Now you can prove it by entering our "Iron Architect" competition as part of the Architecture Track. You'll get the chance to work on a solution to a real life problem and submit...
  • Blog Post: Mix06

    On Sunday I'll be heading down to the Mix06 conference in Las Vegas. Over the past few months I've been working on a new set of materials around user experience design (for Architects), so I'm really looking forward to the conference.
  • Blog Post: WSCF 0.6 Released!

    Congratulations to Christian and the guys over at Thinktecture on their v0.6 release of WSCF! New features include support for .NET Fx 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005, together with partial classes, nullable types, SOAP 1.2, generics and a host of other goodies.
  • Blog Post: Moving Beyond SOA

    John DeVadoss (my manager and the guy who runs the architecture team at Microsoft) has been on the road talking about "Moving Beyond SOA", the latest of which was a session at VSLive. His messages appear to be generating some buzz - including reports by both eWeek and InfoWorld .
  • Blog Post: Announcing Microsoft's Architecture Forums

    I’ve been a fan of Internet Newsgroups and Forums for many years – it still amazes me how these bring people together on subjects that they are very passionate about. As I’ve been looking into resources for our community however, it’s clear that we need something similar for people to post architecture...
  • Blog Post: Holiday Web Casts!

    Have some spare time during the holidays to catch up on new technologies? Mohammad Akif, an Architect Evangelist in Canada, has recorded two new webcasts that are worth checking out... Using Visual Studio for Deployment Modeling The new modeling features in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 can help...
  • Blog Post: Would you like to write for the Architecture Journal?

    Microsoft’s Architecture Journal is a quarterly magazine, providing a world-class forum for the publication of unique articles on how good architecture can help create great implementations. Microsoft’s Architecture Journal is available as a printed subscription (you can order your own here ) and also...
  • Blog Post: Beta of Scrum Add-In for VSTS available

    A few guys at Conchango (for whom I used to work :-) have created a Scrum plug-in for VSTS. Good reading if you are interested in agile development.
  • Blog Post: JavaOne 2005 Speaker Award

    I came back from vacation today to find I had won a "JavaOne 2005 Speaker Award" for being in the top 20 of speakers at JavaOne this year :-). Here's a list of the top 20 sessions, and if you'd like to watch the session (I co-presented with Raghavan Srinivas from Sun), you can find it here .
  • Blog Post: Ron's Webcast on Windows Workflow Foundation

    Ron sat down with John Evdemon (Architecture team) and Paul Andrew (Windows Workflow Foundation) in his Webcast today. Well worth a listen to understand how Windows Workflow Foundation can affect your architectural decisions, although to be honest my favorite bit is the sounds effects ;-)
  • Blog Post: Microsoft acquires FolderShare

    I'm a big fan of FolderShare , so I'm very pleased to see this .
  • Blog Post: My New Role

    Working on interoperability at Microsoft over the past few years has been a phenomenal experience. I have had the opportunity to publish many articles, create videos, write a book, publish sample code, interact with many fine people, speak at events across the world, and even meet Bill in person ;-)...
  • Blog Post: PDC Debrief

    Kirill has a great debrief of our Web Services interoperability session at PDC last month. Also, you may want to checkout the interoperability plugfest that his group is running.
  • Blog Post: Interoperability BOF at PDC - Microsoft with Sun

    Interested in interoperability betwen .NET and Java? Then come to tomorrow's (Monday's) BOF session at PDC and hear speakers from both Microsoft and Sun talk about the subject. Here are the details: Monday 12, 9:30pm, Room 511A - Interoperability: .NET, Java, Windows & Solaris
  • Blog Post: PDC Next Week!

    Well, it's been a while since I posted. Instead of making excuses about lavish vacations (of which there are none!), I thought I would instead tell you about PDC next week in LA: If you've been following the current agenda of sessions, I don't have to tell you that PDC looks awesome this year....
  • Blog Post: Graham Glass leaves webMethods

    If you haven't heard, Graham Glass , a fellow brit and good friend of mine, has resigned as CTO of webMethods. Graham and I did a lot of work together in his former days at The Mind Electric. From his blog, Graham says he'll be focusing on a new company concentrating on eduction. If it's anything...
  • Blog Post: New Version of WSE Trace Tool

    I caught up with Benjamin Mitchell at TechEd Europe this year and we chatted briefly about WSE Trace - a small tool that I put together to help with viewing of traces generated by WSE . Given that there is still some interest in this I thought it was overdue for a little update. As a result, I...
  • Blog Post: IASA Interop City in NYC 7/14

    Interested in Interop and based in the NYC area? If so, then come to the IASA Interop City meeting on the 14th July! This is a day long event where you can hear from luminaries in the industry about interop strategies, recommendations and futures. Here are the details: Date: July 14 2005 Time:...
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