Before continuing on the Service Modeling Languauge (SML) insight, I want to provide some background information on me (a bit more than you'll find in my Blogger Bio).

I am a Senior Program Manager within the Dynamic Systems Foundation (DSF) products development team. Being a "senior" PM means that I've been around Microsoft for some years, or maybe that I have gray hair. (I won't confirm the former is cause for the latter.)

I joined Microsoft as a Technical Account Manager in July 1995, and was a PM for pre-release readiness projects through mid-2002. Until November 2005 I was a Microsoft IT Group Program Manager in the Identity and Access Management team (part of MSIT security group). My team was responsible for reviewing/approving/issuing elevated account access, for Active Directory identity and access operations, for worldwide Group Policy creation and management, for Trusts/Domains/OUs, for Tier 3 AD support services, and  cross-forest identity provisioning and synchronization services. I was also a Sarbanes-Oxley subcycle location owner for account-related operations (SOX 404 and SOX 302 reporting).

At the beginning of 2006, I joined DSF team as a Community Program Manager, engaging team members with Customers, Partners, Microsoft Technical Field staff, and members of the Microsoft Support organization. DSF products include Group Policy, the Server Manager configuration management interface for Windows Server "Longhorn", and Microsoft's contribution and use of the Service Modeling Language (SML).