A timely post on the http://blogs.technet.com/io/ blog: Members of the Microsoft [DSI] Infrastructure Optimization team review the positive impact that standardization of a modeling language will provide for IT infrastructure optimization.

To the point of the IO team's post: "...systems being able to use models to identify which applications should be hosted, and where ... also understand requirements and dependencies so that the necessary resources could be automatically provisioned..."

Right - dynamic systems will mean systems, solutions, services with sufficient reference information defining intended state, and automation that can assess against current state, self-correct, or project future state for pre-deployment planning/prototyping.


Also in this post - announcement by Computer Associates of their joining the Service Modeling Language Specification Working Group. The partial quote from Sam Greenblatt, Senior Vice President, Innovation at CA. "The broad industry embrace of SML will help bring greater order, unity and rationality to this IT management challenges..."

Read the Infrastructure Optimization Team post on SML here:

Read the CA SML Working Group Press Release here: