Sam Ramji interviews Praerit Garg on Service Modeling Language for Port 25 (, the blog/podcast portal with a mission to provide "conversation with customers and the industry, wherein people can talk openly and honestly about their biggest interoperability challenges"
Sam is the Director of the Open Source Software Lab, and a frequent contributor to Port 25. Sam recorded an audio podcast with Praerit, the Senior Director of the Dynamic Systems Foundation product teams (System Defintion Model team, Role Management Tool - Longhorn Server Manager team, and Group Policy team), regarding the SML Specification Announcement of July 31, 2006. Praerit also provides his views and insight into the presence and value of modeling today, as well comparisons and contrasts to CIM, the need for Common Models to support vendor-specific Models and Applications (e.g. configuration management tools consuming SML documents), and efforts for Standardization.