It's Calendar Year 2007! The Service Modeling Language Specification continues to gain definition, participation, and momemtum of adoption. Public and semi-public events will feature information and recommendations on model-based management practices and resources. Watch for posts in this column during the next few weeks about Events where you can learn more about SML from the management modeling experts.


During March 5-6, 2007, Microsoft Software Architect Andrea Westerinen will present model-based management tutorial and workshop at the Architect Insight Conference at the Celtic Manor Resort conference center, in Newport, Gwent, UK.

This two-day conference is opportunity for architects to meet and discuss industry-wide issues in order to share their ideas and experiences, hear details of Microsoft's architectural positioning and promote the development the Architect Community.

In her session and workshop (details below), Ms. Westerinen will review the current SML Specification work, details Microsoft's implementation of an SML Platform, and present an interactive workshop allowing participants to define and use model documents.

TRACK: Dynamic Systems

  • Service Modeling Language Part 1: Understanding the SML Platform (Tutorial)
  • Service Modeling Language Part 2: Understanding the SML Platform (Workshop)
  • Speaker: Andrea Westerinen - Software Architect, Microsoft Dynamic Systems Foundation Team
  • Session Details: Service Modeling Language (SML) is an XML-based modeling language being jointly defined by leading information technology companies. SML is intended to be used for building management models of IT services and systems that can be used throughout their lifecycles, from development to deployment, operations and maintenance.

    An SML model is an IT service or system consisting of a set of interrelated XML documents with information about the various aspets of the entity, and constraints each aspect must satisfy for the system/service to function properly. Microsoft products in development - including Service Desk and System Center Configuration Manager 2007 - use SML, and models built using SML, to provide management.

    SML models can be used by Architects to capture and communicate their intent to developers and operations, ensuring architectural integrity of the systm is preserved through all product lifecycle phases. Microsoft is developing an SML Common Model Library (CML) to capture architectural, developer, deployment and operational knowledge for management.

    Attend this tutorial (part 1) and interacive workshop (part 2) to learn about SML features, tools and the Common Model Library, review sample SML/CML model documents, and understand how SML/CML is integrated into Microsoft products. In particular, the workshop will discuss how to use CML to capture management knowledge, based on a scenario and requirements generated by the session attendees.


For more information and attendee details concerning the Architect Insight Conference, please see this website: