OK, OK:  You were too busy testing the new application, or racking servers, or deploying new client systems, or perhaps you were just too busy MANAGING the business infrastructure at your company. For some reason, you just didn't have a chance to attend the February 2007 SML-SDM Quarterly Community Briefing Webcast.

The Great News: You can still get the updates from members of Microsoft's Service Modeling Language Platform development team, by requesting a copy of the Feb 2007 Community Briefing Webcast. The request procedure has these steps:

  • Send email to mailto:marklaw@microsoft.com and request the Microsoft DPA form required for these Community Briefings. 
  • Review this Microsoft Design Preview Agreement (DPA) form, which describes information sharing for briefing participants, and use of feedback from briefing participants.
  • If acceptable, complete and return the Microsoft DPA form.
  • A recording of the briefing will be made available for your review.

And, after completing and returning the DPA form, you'll automatically be invited to future Quarterly Community Briefing Webcasts -- the next webcast has been planned for May 2, 2007.



If you prefer an in-person update on Microsoft's Dynamic Systems Intiative resources and model-based management product efforts, attend this session at the CA WORLD 2007 Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) during April 22-26, 2007:

  • SESSION TITLE: Efficient and Secure IT Environment with CA and Microsoft Technologies
  • SESSON SPEAKERS: Microsoft Senior Program Manager Keith Bankston, and CA Product Management Director Gale Persil 
  • SESSION DATE: April 24, 2007 -- starts at 9:45am
  • SESSION SUMMARY: "Come to this session to find out how Microsoft and CA are working together to ensure that your IT investments are optimized and how strategically we will provide a complimentary strategy for management."