IT press and media outlets have recently provided comments and quotes about the Service Modeling Language Specification, in light of the acknowledgement of the SML Spec submission to the World Wide Web Consortium. A few online links have been added through blog comments/pingbacks (thanks folks!); I'll highlight a few other press mentions below:


The March 2007 Microsoft PressPass web portal has an updated news article on the SML Specification submissions, with quotes from many of folks that participated in the SML Working Group, including:

  • Zulah Eckert of BEA Systems Inc.
  • Tom Bishop of BMC Software Inc.
  • Edward Marootian Jr. of CA Inc.
  • Winston Bumpus of Dell Inc.
  • Jeff Nick of EMC Corp.
  • William Vambenepe of HP Software
  • Ric Telford of IBM Corp.
  • Robert B. Crooke of Intel Corporation
  • Bill Smith of Sun Microsystems Inc.
  • Kirill Tatarinov of Microsoft Corp.

Also in a late-March press release on Microsoft PressPass: Details of Bob Muglia's key messages at the Microsoft Management Summit 2007 conference in San Diego, California, USA.

An excerpt from the press release describes Microsoft's commitment to SML, as being "...planned for inclusion across System Center to allow for the management of software and hardware that the industry is developing as well as the management of Windows systems." 

During his keynote address, Bob Muglia was joined onstage by Howard Elias (executive vice president of the Global Services and Resource Management Software Group at EMC Corporation) and by video by Charlie Giancarlo (chief development officer at Cisco) to jointly announce a three-way collaboration to create a set of infrastructure common models that will combine the expertise and strengths of the three companies, with a goal " help customers take advantage of SML to reduce complexity and simplify management of IT infrastructure-related tasks and resources."


In another online article, at the Windows IT Pro Magazine web portal, Editor Karen Forster has a transcribed discussion with Microsoft Corporate Vice President Kirill Tatarinov and Microsoft System Center General Manager of Marketing Larry Orecklin.

 The article provides an update on product and progress announcements at the MMS 2007 conference, and provides insight into Microsoft's support of SML for systems and configuration management.

Readers may also note a brief mention of Microsoft's participation in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) Consortium.


- mark