It is  helpful when a big-picture view of a new topic is tied to understood and emerging products/practices. Some of this big-picture presentations are described as "elevator pitches" or the "50,000-foot view" (you can call it the 15,000-meter view if you like; that's close to 50K-feet), and sometimes in these views there can be a challenge to link to richer specifics, the details of an implementation.

A recent update on the CA World 2007 Conference website describes the session titled "Efficient and Secure IT Environment with CA and Microsoft Technologies". One of the speakers for this session was Mr. Keith Bankston, a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft who is a key member of Microsoft's Service Modeling Language (SML) development and standardization efforts. The website update added a download link to the PDF copy of this session's presentation. You can find the session details and PDF download here:

Within this presentation, you'll read about "Evolution and Use" of SML as part of efforts to establish Design For Operations (DFO) and Knowledge-Driven Management. Mr. Bankston reviews the evolution chain beginning with the SDM v1 (predecessor to SML) limited capabilities within Visual Studio 2005, then a summary of the model-based configuration management architecture within Microsoft Windows Server 2008 (previously Windows Server codename "Longhorn"). These Microsoft Windows Server 2008 - Server Manager slides, and subsequent slides, depict the state 'discovery' data flow via a select set of providers, and the configuration 'sync' work actions that provide compliance to the SML-based models.

NOTES: The PDF file is over 15 Mbytes in download size, and begins with a rich overview by Gale Persil of CA's vision for Enterprise IT Management.



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