Checking in on two efforts in the Service Modeling Language (SML) environs this month:

COSMOS: The COSMOS (COmmunity-driven Systems Management in Open Source)

  • Reviewing the COSMOS systems management project from the Eclipse standards organization, we can see this effort intends (through work with the configuration and systems management community) to provide a reference implementation of the SML [language], and SML-IF [interchange format for modeling management documents]. The COSMOS project also proposes to offer an SML and SML-IF validator implementation, and over time, COSMOS intends to leverage models defined using SML in support of system management scenarios. Available at pre-release version 0.4 as of the timeframe of this post, more information about the COSMOS project is available here:

Timeframe for the Last Call Drafts: SML and SML-IF

  • Dropping in on the World Wide Web Consortium  (W3C) working group for SML (, we can see that the target timeframe for the Last Call Drafts (draft-version documents) for Service Modeling Language and Service Modeling Language Interchange Format is during the remaining quarter of Calendar Year 2007 (listed as end-October 2007 as of the timeframe of this post), with review intended during early Calendar Year 2008. Updates to the latest draft(s) can be found at



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