Hello Readers - a welcome from your humble blog author to the first post of January 2008 for the Service Modeling Language (SML) Insight Blog.

News on the topic of Model-based Management: The Common Model Library (CML) working group, a consortium of 11 leading technology companies, released detailed plans for a CML specification based on the Service Modeling Language (SML). A downloadable whitepaper has been published online as follows:

Why to read this document:

  • CML will be expressed in the Service Modeling Language (SML)
    CML will provide an extensible library of models and common modeling elements
  • CML will provide rules and guidelines for how models and modeling elements can be extended, combined, used, and abstracted
  • CML models provide a set of constructs for the commonly understood entities that may exist in the managed environment (including states and relationships)
  • CML will leverage existing management data sources, existing industry standards and recognized practice efforts
  • CML is intended to work side by side with other models, as seamlessly as possible

Effectively, CML provides a first-cut at baseline structures and prescriptive guidance for the expression of SML management models. The whitepaper is a quick read at 11 pages - and provides insight into model-based management needs and considerations for IT organizations.


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