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Systems, architecture and engineering solutions!

This site will do in depth analysis of subjects such as service oriented architecture, software engineering and technologies such as Exchange and Sharepoint.

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  • Blog Post: Security on Azure: Microsoft® Codename Trust Services Samples

    Check out the Codename Trust Services to help better understand security in Azure and how to secure your applications   Microsoft® Codename Trust Services Samples Think about it, executives are worried about the security of their cloud...
  • Blog Post: Security on the Web: HoneyMonkey Exploit Detection

    HoneyMonkeys is a way to detect security exploits.  The referenced article is aging, having been written in 2010, but it gives a solid overall view of how to find Web Threats.  Certainly this article should not be viewed as the latest technology, but if you are looking for a paper subject and...
  • Blog Post: 3 Questions for Azure (or other cloud) deployment

    I work with academics and they are always asking questions, here are three questions generally about the cloud (these are from: Questions you want to ask: What impact will the management of information stored in the cloud have on existing information management policies and procedure...
  • Blog Post: 10 Questions to ask when Outsourcing to Azure

      Top ten questions Which process, application and information can be moved to the cloud to gain efficiency and cost benefits while satisfying the organization's security and compliance requirements? How can the organization be harmed if systems, applications, services or information are accessed...
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