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Systems, architecture and engineering solutions!

This site will do in depth analysis of subjects such as service oriented architecture, software engineering and technologies such as Exchange and Sharepoint.

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  • Blog Post: IE 10 Preview, you should read it! and use it

    IE 10 Preview, wow, this is a great way to learn more about Modern Design and get into the right mind set for Windows 8 Store Apps.  No kidding. Let’s say you are using one of the trailing edge operating systems like Mountain Lion, and you want to get into the new way of design software, then take...
  • Blog Post: C++ and JavaScript, DirectMath, etc.

    In other blogs I have mentioned that DirectMath (where XNAMath has moved to) can only be accessed by C++.  Sooooo, just how do you use this in your C# code, etc.  Well you would create a Windows Runtime (WinRT) component. A simple walkthrough can be found at:
  • Blog Post: Cross web browser development

    Silverlight, HTML5, CSS3, ECMAScript (or Javascript?) jQuery and the open sourced ASP.NET MVC3.  One of the ways to get started is to go over the very through Project Silk web based training at: Treat as you would a paper book, this series of...
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