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Systems, architecture and engineering solutions!

This site will do in depth analysis of subjects such as service oriented architecture, software engineering and technologies such as Exchange and Sharepoint.

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  • Blog Post: Costa Concordia: Mathematical Model of the Submarine

    Hopefully the Costa Concordia won’t become a submarine, but the only ready control system design document that I could find easily was from MIT. Multivariable control system design for a submarine The copy isn’t printable since the document was generated in 1976, here is the diagram...
  • Blog Post: Costa Concordia: The Goals of Software Architecture

    With the tragedy of the Costa Concordia, design with the human in the control loop comes to mind.  A cruise ship is a large system with many moving parts and error points.  In a large mechanical system like a ship have long used computers, in the past the computers might have been the sextant...
  • Blog Post: Software Architecture: Many ways for the beginner, only a few for the master

    Check out this video about Software Architecture, it is 28 minutes, but gives a good overview of what Software Architecture is all about.  The start up picture looks a little weird, but the video is good.   Or download the windows media file and then in Windows media right click on the Windows...
  • Blog Post: Software Contracts, I don’t need no stinking contracts

    Seriously, isn’t it enough to just get the Try, Catch, Throw, then give up code in your project?  Nope, NOW you NEED software contracts.  Dino Esposito writes a tight article on Software Contracts, which I think will be used in my talks (after all I still strongly type my variables). ...
  • Blog Post: Entity Framework 4.1: Install,

    First, you have to install Visual Studio 2010 and then download the ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.1, you download the entity framework from: But I don’t want to load all of that junk on my system, well fine, here is a virtual hands on lab:
  • Blog Post: SCRUM: Guidelines from the SCRUM org and short form from Microsoft

    If you are using SCRUM, likely you are using one of the excellent books out there to help with your understanding.  If you are getting started the link below is a good starting point: Links to SCRUM, less to more material: Brief briefing: Less...
  • Blog Post: Software Engineering: Success or no success, generally the schools aren’t going to be helpful

    Hadar Ziv, at UC Irvine, in my opinion, is the teacher you want to get to know. His specialty is loosely around software engineering, and his students are quite knowledgeable about the in and outs of system design. In Southern California another school that does a good job is California State University...
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