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Systems, architecture and engineering solutions!

This site will do in depth analysis of subjects such as service oriented architecture, software engineering and technologies such as Exchange and Sharepoint.

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  • Blog Post: Connecting Power Point to Team Foundation Server using your buddy game

    This is a two step process currently, you have to define the work item in Team Foundation Server and then go back to PowerPoint to connect the workitems. I am using VS 12 RC Premium, it should work in VS 2010 Professional or Ultimate, but not Express, and you need to have either Team Foundation Server...
  • Blog Post: Game Design: Architectural Tools

    In the current environment of game design you can get away with flash and dash game design, that is rapidly put together your game post it and make your money then move on to another project.  Many technologies go this way from time to time and then they move back to design, design, build, maintain...
  • Blog Post: Setting Up Team Foundation Server (not services) on Windows 8

    On one of my other blogs at , at this blog I discussed setting up a TFServer and usually I talk about these at this site.  If you haven’t tried the TFS 11 on Win8, give it a try, really, it is fracking great! So here is that post repeated here: First see the forum comment at...
  • Blog Post: Team Foundation SERVICES, not server

    Oh thank you demi-gods of program management, Team Foundation Server being offered as a SERVICE!  If I was the type of theologically driven individual to sing praises to some non-descript timeless and universal entity or entities I would do so at this time.  I have always loved the concept...
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