Well, it's my job to 'reach' developers, so I track this stuff (i.e. number of attendees at my events, blog hits etc...) - it's amazing to me that I've contacted over 125,000 of you in the five months that I've been onboard as a Developer Evangelist with Microsoft.

Below is a chart showing my blog hits.  Now I'm not the number one MSDN MSAM presenter blogger - that honor goes to my colleague in NorCal, Anand Iyer.  However, his traffic generation techniques are a bit strong (even for me!) - posting his cell phone number and kissing Rory.

SoCalDevGal blog hits in 2007

No awards for me - but I do pay attention to what people like - Seventh Annual Weblog Awards

Of course I pay the most attention to what you tell me you want.  It seems you like links to cool, new stuff and fun videos the most.  So, look for more of that here.  I've also got a few ideas of my own - so subscribe if you haven't already, I'll be using more new ways to communicate and share information with you in the near future.