As promised here are the post-webcast resources.   Also, I'll be posting the date for the 'added' webcast - SharePoint workflows for developers shortly.  Thanks to all of you that attended today's webcast. 

Be reminded that the geekSpeak webcasts start in July - every Wednesday at noon PST.  We have some GREAT guests lined up already too!  Those registration links will be available next week and I'll post them here ASAP.  Here's the geekSpeak blog:


Web Parts Control Set Overview

Example - creating a web part with deployment

Web parts development

Walkthrough - creating webparts in VS.NET

SPWebPartManager documentation
More about WebPartManager

Mart Muller's info - create and deploy web parts,category,Webparts.aspx

YouTube Sharepoint web part

web part infrastructure pt 1 and pt 2

ScotGu blog - creating web parts

Codeplex - web part deployment packages

Code Access Security and Web Parts