Presentations given in Irvine and Riverside, CA - here's the deck and links for more information about Visual Studio 2008 enhancements for web developers, Astoria data services, and Silverlight and AJAX working together in custom controls.



Some good Entity Framework and Astoria reference links


Core Silverlight area
Game in 1.0- shows Javascript, custom controls, communicating with web service, more
Silverlight 1.1 development example - complete - controls, javascript, web service, downloader class, work-around for cross-domain data calls, more
Calling WCF service from Silverlight
XAML control example source code
Media control example source code
Video Control - using Silverlight and LINQ
Silverlight error codes explained
IIS config for Silverlight hosting
Media Encoding - webinar on 12/4:

Explanation of custom 'Slide Show' dynamic XAML control, interacting with custom javascript