Here is a company who is offering training in Irvine, CA this winter.

on 3/11 in Irvine, CA
Pluralsight - Premier Microsoft .NET Training: Applied Silverlight
Questions this course will answer:

  • How does Silverlight XAML differ from WPF XAML?
  • What subset of the .NET Framework is provided by the Core CLR available with Silverlight 1.1?
  • How do I interact with the server from within Silverlight?
  • How can Silverlight be used with my existing ASP.NET applications?
  • Does Silverlight complement or replace Ajax?
  • How do I store data locally on the client?
  • How do I build reusable controls for Silverlight?
  • How do I use Expression Blend with Silverlight?
  • What is required on my server to host Silverlight applications?
  • What is required on client machines to use Silverlight applications?
  • What does Silverlight offer over and above traditional HTML/DOM applications?