As my regular blog readers may know, I am writing again.  I am working on a big project - "Building Business Intelligence Solutions with SQL Server 2008" (for MSPress to be published later this year).  When I am writing, I need a few things:

1) Quiet time - to organize my thoughts
2) Physical Exercise - to balance the mental gymnastics that accompany writing
3) Inspiration - to keep me motivated for the long-running task

I often find the third one by experiencing the work of other creative people - musicians, visual artists, and especially, other writers.  Occasionally I'll come across something that resonates particularly strongly - almost like finding a kindred spirit.  I recently experienced this pleasure when reading page 208 of Symmetry by mathematician Marcus du Sautoy.

Writing is Understanding

Browse Inside Symmetry: A Journey into the Patterns of Nature by Marcus du Sautoy