Although Second Life is one place that I haven't spent any time (yet!), my buddy and fellow evangelist from Texas, Zain Naboulsi is doing quite a  bit of evangelism there.  He's now leading a 'Heroes Happen Here'  VS/Windows/SQL 2008 LIVE virtual launch event on Saturday April 26, from 9am to 4pm CST.  So, if you weren't able to make any of the live local launch events this spring (LA, Anaheim or San Diego), then you may want to check this out. 

Oh, and if you are wondering, no - I won't be joining this event.  I'm in a RL wedding in Las Vegas that day.  If you do join the virtual event, I'd love to hear your feedback, so do comment via this blog post, or drop me an email.

 Virtual World Evangelism

Heroes Happen Here Launch in Second Life -- April 26th, 2008