One of my co-authors for my new SQL Server 2008 BI book (Davide Mauri) hails from Milan and blogged about the book in Italian.  My Italian isn't great, but it amused me greatly to read about the book in another language.   It is quite charming to work with (edit) writing from co-authors who are very fluent in English, yet it is their second language.  I guess I truly am a linguist at heart - accents and dialects have always tickled my ears and sounded like music to me.  I greatly enjoy really listening to speakers and attempting to detect their linguistic influences.  I can do this only for a couple of languages - English, German and Norwegian.  I would much like to reach a greater level of fluency in more human languages, but, due to my job, have found myself much distracted by the plethora of computer languages that I continually work to master.

What about it for you - which human languages do you have fluency in?  Which computer languages?  Which do you prefer and why?  I'd be quite interested in your answers.

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