Boku is a visual programming language that is being developed by Microsoft Research.  It was shown at PDC08.  As I am again working on developing curriculum for Microsoft's DigiGirlz events, I am taking a closer look at Boku.  There are more videos on the MSR site and I working with the Microsoft Boku program manager to see whether I can get an early (internal only) release to test out.  It is interesting to me that the 'programming' is done with a game controller (or a keyboard and mouse, if I understand correctly).  I'll be excited to get my hands on an actual release and will review it here -- to coincide with public release cycles of course.

I'd be interested to know if any of you have worked with visual programming languages that you have found to be engaging, fun and effective for getting kids motivated to learn more about programming. Boku visual programming language

Microsoft Research: Boku