Inspiration does come from unexpected places, doesn’t it?  I’ve been thinking, for well over a year now, on how to take the Microsoft DigiGirlz program to the next level – that is beyond live events to scale it online.  Well, I think I’ve got a good idea, which I’ve been floating around to a couple of people and today I got that extra push at, of all places, the UPS Store.  Who knew that the women carefully packing my shipment has been a programmer for 25 years?  Well, I sure didn’t until after I talked to her a bit.  She still codes in her spare time, for love of it, even though she is semi-retired now.  Without recounting the entire conversation, I’ll just say ‘thanks’, because today I am writing my idea as a proposal – I am thinking pretty big, wish me luck. I’ll post progress updates here as I get them.