Llewellyn and Bart got together to write the first pass at koans for Rx last night.  We published the result on CodePlex today - here.

What's a koan?

It's an interactive excercise, using the lanaguage (features) and done in the editor to learn without a teacher.  Kind of like directed hacking, just 'fix' each line and...learn.  The most fun way to do this is with another developer - pair up, code and learn!  If you like this format, you can try it out in other languages, such as C# - here.

What's Rx?

A better way to handle asynchronous events - composable, complete and clever?  Don't understand - try the koans, that's why we wrote it.

Let us know what you think.  We plan to expand this set of koans soon.

Happy Coding!