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  • Blog Post: Women who think

    Apparently there were some that came before me as well.  If you get to Balboa Park in San Diego, this portrait is worth seeing. Timken Museum: John Singleton Copley
  • Blog Post: Michael B. Oren - "Power, Faith, and Fantasy"

    A good read. Eloquent writing and interesting history. I've just started this one, but am quite gripped by it so far. Here's a sample of the writing (from page 6): "There (in London) he gained the attention of the prestigious African Society and of its flamboyant secretary, Henry Beaufoy. Impressed with...
  • Blog Post: Writing is Understanding

    As my regular blog readers may know, I am writing again. I am working on a big project - "Building Business Intelligence Solutions with SQL Server 2008" (for MSPress to be published later this year). When I am writing, I need a few things: 1) Quiet time - to organize my thoughts 2) Physical Exercise...
  • Blog Post: The Scientist - Natasha Bedingfield

    Great song, great voice - thought I'd share, enjoy. The Scientist - Natasha Bedingfield
  • Blog Post: Presentation Zen

    I've been thinking quite a bit about what I call the 'visualization problem' lately - meaning ineffective visualization for presentations, reporting (or business intelligence), search engines, blogs, it just me, or does the preponderance of crap out there just seem to be increasing exponentially...
  • Blog Post: Things that Endure

    So, I am stuck in cold and wet Seattle for a week (for internal company training), worse yet, in my hotel room since I came down with a nasty flu. Trying to recuperate, I am reminded of the idiocy of TV (which I don’t normally watch at all while at home), and don’t have my music collection to cheer me...
  • Blog Post: Make It Rain

    I'm headed to Seattle for 9 days, so why not? ;) Tom Waits is rocking my world today, so I thought I'd share - enjoy.
  • Blog Post: Happy Holidays from SoCalDevGal

    Hey readers - thanks for sticking with me so far. I hope you are getting something meaningful (and maybe even occasionally entertaining) from this blog. You certainly make me smile - whether you are legitimately complaining about some lame thing or some oversight in our products, correcting or complementing...
  • Blog Post: Complexity and Simplicity at MSDN events

    Althought I enjoy complex music , art and people , when it comes to code, the simpler the better. Can you join me next week in Irvine (Tues, Dec 4 from 8am to noon) or Riverside (Thursday, Dec 6 from 1pm to 5pm) for my MSDN sessions on reducing complexity in your world? As usual I plan to share info...
  • Blog Post: Yue Minjun - Laughing Art

    This month's Vanity Fair had an interesting article on the contemporary art scene in China . The work of Yue Minjun caught my eye more than the other artists shown. I've always particularly liked art that made me laugh (and think) at the same time. I've got to say that from the works shown on Yue...
  • Blog Post: Pause for a moment...

    I've been working too hard this week. As I was reviewing the photos on my camera, I found the one below (that I had taken a couple of weeks ago). I thought you might enjoy it as much as I do.
  • Blog Post: It's lonelygirl15's world, isn't it?

    It's lonelygirl15's world, isn't it? Maybe not yet (at least for me) After spending a day at the New Media and Podcast Expo , I am thinking that the 'next Web' is all about micro-content. Well, that and oddly-colored hair if the attendees are actually influential. Viral video presenters on a panel with...
  • Blog Post: One of the most important problems: Data Visualization

    Great article with interesting approaches. Given the volumes of data that we (should) be working with, this is a problem that I've been giving quite a bit of thought to lately. The reason I say 'should' is my bias toward data warehouse stores, given my work with Business Intelligence (or OLAP). What...
  • Blog Post: Do You Talk Too Much?

    Even though I talk for a living - some days I'd just rather listen. This afternoon I am supposed to give yet another talk and I just feel like the picture below. Link to Do You Talk Too Much?
  • Blog Post: Hands on: Running Vista on a MacBook Pro

    For my Quark audience of today, here's the detailed information you are looking for. Hands on: Running Vista on a MacBook Pro
  • Blog Post: Cognitive linguistics

    I've long been interested in this topic . How exactly is our capacity to speak related to our capacity to think? Does speaking a particular language, or languages affect what types of thoughts are possible? Some days I wish I didn't have to work and could just go back to school for a long, long time...
  • Blog Post: Accurate Proportion

    Link to Koan : Accurate Proportion
  • Blog Post: Perfect Code -- from Wolfram MathWorld

    Does is really look like this? Although always interested in math, I've never had the opportunity to have a formal math education. I have been kicking around the idea of going back to school to pursue an advanced degree in math, because, well..math just really interests me. I mean, who else do...
  • Blog Post: Dreaming of Startrails

    Here's a link to a cool app to help you make your own startrails.
  • Blog Post: NikeLab Home

    So wierd, but I like it... Source: NikeLab Home
  • Blog Post: About acceleration

    Source: Shift Happens » SlideShare
  • Blog Post: We have the tools, will will be able to use them effectively?

    Edward Tufte is one of the key thinkers in this area. Below is a link to a summary of his ideas. While in attendance at our first ever Business Intelligence conference in Seattle this week, I am stuck by the dichotomy between the power of the tools and the inability of the people using them to show appropriate...
  • Blog Post: Check it out - new Interactive Media Manager for SharePoint

    WOW - look at this one - supports RSS, uses open metadata framework and can be implemented with workflows. What's not to like?
  • Blog Post: Urban gardens soothe me...

    And one of the best is the Huntington Library (and Gardens) near Pasadena. The roses look and smell incredible.
  • Blog Post: What is your favorite movie? why?

    No matter how many movies I see, I return over and over to this one - ' Der Himmel uber Berlin ' (Wings of Desire). This movie resonates with me in a way that no other one does. It definately matters that I speak German fluently. German is certainly not known as a 'beautiful' language (for good reason...
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