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  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2010 LightSwitch Beta

    I am taking a look at this new IDE and thought I’d share.  Try it out and let me know what you think. Visual Studio 2010 LightSwitch View more presentations from lynnlangit .
  • Blog Post: MSDN Unleashed in San Diego on April 8

    Join my colleague, Daniel Egan, at from 2pm to 5pm at the Microsoft, San Diego office to hear about the following.  The session is free, but you must register here in advance. “We will be reviewing some technologies first discussed at PDC -- such as ASP.Net 4.0, jQuery integration, and C# 4.0. But...
  • Blog Post: MySpace + Silverlight – here’s how

    Announced today! Read more on the MySpace Developer page , read even more from our evangelist who led this effort.
  • Blog Post: SoCalDevGal is still Mix(ed) up – part 2 - what about IE8?

    Maybe these new FREE Hands on Labs will help.  Let me know if they do.  Also my colleague, Mithun Dhar, has been blogging about IE8 for developers . MSDN Virtual Lab: Building Web Slices with Internet Explorer 8 Developer MSDN Virtual Lab: Preparing for...
  • Blog Post: SoCalDevGal is still Mix(ed up) – part 1 – Attendees tell it like it is

    So, I didn’t get to Mix09, but 50 of my closest friends did.  So, I asked them about it and here’s what they said: From The Developers Announcements that mattered most – MVC , Silverlight 3 , Super Preview From The Designers Announcements that mattered most – Silverlight 3 , Super Preview , SketchFlow...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight 3 out-of-browser support

    Great blog post from fellow evangelist Chris Koenig – enjoy it here !
  • Blog Post: SoCal Architect Councils | The Importance of the Client

    The Value of the Client – In the past, the choice of how an end user interacts with an application has been dictated by IT and often without regards to the usage.  Recently, as the population has become more tech savvy and are experiencing interactions on the web, computer, and the phone their...
  • Blog Post: SoCalDevGal on Azure for .NET Developers

    Here's the Azure for .NET Developers deck from today's presentation in Anaheim.  Thanks to everyone who came out the the Event. Windows Azure for .NET Developers View more presentations from llangit . (tags: services azure ) Here's a link back to my earlier blog post on 'how to get Azure tokens...
  • Blog Post: Mix09 - so what?

    Are you a web developer and/or designer?  March 18-20 in Las Vegas is Mix09 and you should go. I know what you are thinking.  "Oh, I'd love to, but, yeah, right how do I justify a Vegas trip now?" More than ever now smartness wins. Networking wins.  Inspiration and fun are still...
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure screencast series for .NET Developers

    I am planning to record a many-part screencast (demo-filled) series for you, my .NET developer friends.  As I work on the outline and abstracts, it occurs to me that I might simply ask you, 'what topics would you like to see me cover?'  The idea is to make a USEFUL set of screencasts focused...
  • Blog Post: MSDN Unleashed Silverlight 2.0 Hands on Labs are sold out!

    Is a hit! Yes, we know the registration is completely full for the first instance on Jan 15. The good news is that due to your DEMAND we will definitely be repeating this event several times across SoCal (and maybe to other parts of the West Region as well). So far you have told me that you'd like...
  • Blog Post: Free Silverlight 2.0 training for developers and architects in SoCal - Jan 2009

    Free is good, right?  We have two different events running in January.  I'll be at both of them and will be looking forward to seeing you there. Here's the first one (I'll update this post with the registration link as soon as I get it): MSDN Unleashed – Silverlight 2.0 Hands On Labs...
  • Blog Post: CodeRush Xpress for C#

    I'm all for free developer productivity tools.  Check this one out.   CodeRush Xpress for C#
  • Blog Post: TechZulu asks 'What does ScottGu do for fun?'

    Check out TechZulu's two interviews with Scott Gutherie at the PDC Underground party. In the second video (linked), Scott talks PDC announcements, enhancements to the ASP.NET stack and more. Scott Guthrie Talks about Microsofts Future Plans and what it takes to be the Gu in ASP.NET
  • Blog Post: A Website Named Desire

      A Website Named Desire
  • Blog Post: I write like Madonna

    My handwriting looks like this too, so why don't I have a bodyguard and a jet? (kidding) Oh, and...I'll be seeing my favorite material girl yet again at Dodger Stadium in LA on Nov 6th - text me if you are around that night. BTW...this is a pretty cool site showing HardRock memorabilia using the just...
  • Blog Post: 'Teach-Your-Kid-to-Code' Month in SoCal - December 2008

    With all of the work I've been doing to create re-usable DigiGirlz curriculum, I've discovered that we (Microsoft) have a wealth of resources for 'not-yet-programmers' - and most are free.  Because I didn't even know about all of this stuff and I am a developer and a Microsoft employee, I thought...
  • Blog Post: Express Yourself

    I am interested in the Express version of our developer products for a couple of reasons: 1. These products provide a gateway to Microsoft developer technologies for free 2. SmartCare (the project that I personally volunteer for in Zambia) uses SQLExpress 3. These products are really lightweight and...
  • Blog Post: September 2008 geekSpeak shows

    We have a great line-up for September (Live each Wednesday at noon PST to 1 pm) - check it out! In case you missed it, we have a series page on MSDN , and a show on Channel 9 too :) 9/3/2008 12:00 PM - geekSpeak: REST and Windows Communication Foundation 3.5 with Adnan Masood
  • Blog Post: Cloud Computing and User Authentication

    My colleague, Microsoft Architect Evangelist, David Chou , recently authored a very well-written explanation of this topic for the The Architecture Journal .  In particular I like his visual summary of authentication considerations.   Strong User Authentication on the Web
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Tips Book Helps Hurricane Katrina Survivors Rebuild Lives

    Buy an interesting book and help Katrina Survivors.  The author, Sarah Ford, works on the CodePlex team at Microsoft. Read her blog to get the full story - link below. Sara Ford's WebLog : Microsoft Visual Studio Tips Book Helps Hurricane Katrina Survivors Rebuild Lives
  • Blog Post: Consuming a HI-REST GET Service From Silverlight 2 (Beta 2)

    Check out this great new webcast series from my DE colleague from Arizona, Rob Bagby. deCast - Consuming a HI-REST GET Service From Silverlight 2 (Beta 2) | RobBagby | Channel 9
  • Blog Post: 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games

    Are you watching?  It's all on Silverlight.   2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games | Free Online Videos, Olympic Event | NBC Olympics
  • Blog Post: Two weeks in Seattle with SoCalDevGal

    I've just returned from a trip to Seattle.  Many of you have asked, "What are you doing there?"  So, here you go.... The overall purpose of the trip was technical readiness.  To that end I (mostly) attended a MS-internal conference called TechReady.  Nearly all sessions...
  • Blog Post: MVC Filter Interceptors and more

    What you don't read ScottGu's blog?  Who DOESN'T read his blog?  Well, apparently me - the MVC stuff is flying out the door.  Are you keeping up?  Are you using it yet?  How's it going?  Let me know. I'll be reading his next post on added AJAX functionality as soon as he...
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