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  • Blog Post: Dave Nielson (CloudCamp) and SoCalDevGal on ‘Big Data’

    I recently talked with Dave Nielson from CloudCamp on the topic of ‘Big Data’ on the Windows Azure platform – enjoy!
  • Blog Post: SQL Azure for Developer–SoCalCodeCamp Presentation

    Here’s the deck – enjoy! SQL Azure for SoCalCodCamp View more presentations from Lynn Langit .
  • Blog Post: SQL Saturday – SQL Azure – April 2010 deck update

    Here’s the deck I’ll be presenting this Saturday in Huntington Beach at SQL Saturday – c’mon over! SQL Azure April 2010 View more presentations from lynnlangit .
  • Blog Post: Day of Azure – SQL Azure

    Here’s the deck from my presentation at ‘Day of Azure’ in San Diego on Saturday, March 6, 2010 for the San Diego .NET User Group – enjoy! SQL Azure March 2010 View more presentations from lynnlangit .
  • Blog Post: Intro to Windows Azure from MSDN Irvine, CA Event

    Expanded deck from yesterday’s talk – includes information on Windows Azure data storage options as well as basic introduction to cloud computing and Microsoft’s Windows Azure offering. Windows Azure Introduction View more presentations from lynnlangit . Here’s an image that I like (from Microsoft’s...
  • Blog Post: Intro to Windows Azure for Developers - MSDN

    Here’s the deck from Burbank – enjoy! Intro to Windows Azure View more presentations from lynnlangit .
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure for Java Developers - Resources

      Tonight I visited the San Diego Java User Group and took part in a coding dojo (more about that later).  While there, I mentioned to the attendees that we do have some resources for Java developers to use if they want to try out using Windows Azure or SQL Azure in their applications. To that...
  • Blog Post: Developing Windows Azure applications - Setup

    I’ve been working with Windows Azure (post PDC09 build) to take a look at the basic mechanics of coding and deploying applications.  To that end, I wanted to share what I’ve learned so far in this post. First, I’ll talk about what you need to download and install to get started.  There are...
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure information for Architects (includes #PDC09 announcements)

    I’m attending the Microsoft Architect Council Presentations today in At the Microsoft office in Irvine, CA.  Our local Architect Evangelist, David Chou is presenting.  Several attendees have asked for his decks so I’ll post them here.  The first deck is an overview of the capabilities...
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure ROI Calculator

    Why Azure?  Well, how about saving money?  Need to figure it out – try out the new Windows Azure ROI / TCO calculator After you agree to the terms, then you have to fill in a one page questionnaire.  I put in some sample data to illustrate.  The most interesting question is about...
  • Blog Post: SQL Azure – Let’s Get Started

    As you may know we’ve announced that Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Windows Azure , will have commercial availability as of the first day of the upcoming Professional Developer’s Conference in Los Angeles on November 17th, 2009.  In addition to data storage via Windows Azure, included in...
  • Blog Post: SoCalDevGal is getting ready for the Cloud

    As you may already know, we (Microsoft) have announced that we will have ‘general availability’ of our version of cloud computing, Windows Azure , on the opening day of the Professional Developer’s Conference (Nov 17). As we prepare to ‘go-to-market’ with Azure, I’ve been doing some preparatory reading...
  • Blog Post: SoCalDevGal is a Twitter Evangelist

  • Blog Post: SoCalDevGal asks ‘Want 5k? – Can YOU code a killer Cloud app?’

      From the site…GOOD LUCK and happy coding! “new CloudApp() is a US-based developer challenge for .NET & PHP developers creating cloud applications or services (hereafter "application") on the Azure™ Services Platform. Have your application judged by industry leaders Om Malik and Michael...
  • Blog Post: SoCal Architect Councils | The Importance of the Client

    The Value of the Client – In the past, the choice of how an end user interacts with an application has been dictated by IT and often without regards to the usage.  Recently, as the population has become more tech savvy and are experiencing interactions on the web, computer, and the phone their...
  • Blog Post: SoCalDevGal on Azure for .NET Developers

    Here's the Azure for .NET Developers deck from today's presentation in Anaheim.  Thanks to everyone who came out the the Event. Windows Azure for .NET Developers View more presentations from llangit . (tags: services azure ) Here's a link back to my earlier blog post on 'how to get Azure tokens...
  • Blog Post: Introduction To SQL Services from SoCalDevGal

    Introduction To Sql Services View more presentations from llangit . (tags: windows azure ) Introduction To SQL Services   - these are the slides from my talk at MDC Conference in SFO yesterday.  Thanks to all of those who attended!
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure screencast series for .NET Developers

    I am planning to record a many-part screencast (demo-filled) series for you, my .NET developer friends.  As I work on the outline and abstracts, it occurs to me that I might simply ask you, 'what topics would you like to see me cover?'  The idea is to make a USEFUL set of screencasts focused...
  • Blog Post: Bruno's Blog

    Has a whole lot of useful information about working with Windows Azure.  Bruno (Terkaly) is my counter-part from NorCal.  RSS his blog. Bruno's Blog
  • Blog Post: SoCal Code Camp Jan 24 and Jan 25 -- also Silverlight 2.0 HOLs on Jan 22

    A busy event week in Socal.  SoCalCodeCamp runs this Sat/Sun - have you picked your sessions to attend yet?  Here's where I'll be in case you want to say 'hi' or you can just reach me via Twitter, Facebook, email or text.  I like to say, if you can't find me, then you aren't looking ;...
  • Blog Post: New Azure User Group On line

    Is growing fast!  Join the national group and then join the Local Group(s) that you are interested in.  You'll get general info, links, videos, discussions and notification of events.   Groups - Azure User Group
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Service Token Acquisition Explained

    As I journey into Windows cloud-land (otherwise known as Azure and Azure Services), I am finding the path to getting starting to be a bit tricky.  I have run into several gotchas as I worked through the process of requesting and using the various token types that are needed.  To that end, I...
  • Blog Post: Learn about Windows Azure Services for FREE

    We've got it all -- live webcasts, live presentations, proctored hand on labs, architecture councils, and more...However you'd like to learn, we've got it.  Here's a list for January 2009. Live, interactive Webcasts MSDN Webcast: geekSpeak: REST and the Windows Azure Services Platform with Adnan...
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure: Overview and Impressions from a Google employee

    I like this talk from Ryan Barrett (who actually works for Google).  It is interesting to see how he compares Microsoft's cloud offering to that of the competition.  He also describes the Azure Fabric in detail.  What do you think?  Is he accurate?  Have you tried out Azure yet...
  • Blog Post: What's in your Visual Studio?

    As I continue my current language-exploring mode, I've noticed that Visual Studio 2008 is becoming a candy store for me.  Is it just me, or do we have an incredible amount of new stuff to play with?  I can't really remember the last time I watched TV, other than Slumdog Millionaire there hasn...
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