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  • Blog Post: What's in your Visual Studio?

    As I continue my current language-exploring mode, I've noticed that Visual Studio 2008 is becoming a candy store for me.  Is it just me, or do we have an incredible amount of new stuff to play with?  I can't really remember the last time I watched TV, other than Slumdog Millionaire there hasn...
  • Blog Post: Learning Face-Melting Functional Programming for .NET

    Also this which explains more...   Chris Smith's completely unique view : Due out Next Year – Programming F# by Chris Smith
  • Blog Post: Cool PDC2008 Contests

      The Professional Developer's Conference (Oct 27-30, 2008) is already my favorite public, Microsoft technical event because of it's pure geekiness - I mean where else will you find sessions like "Parallel Programming for C++ Developers in the Next Version of Microsoft Visual Studio" or...
  • Blog Post: F# Function Composition

    Function composition is beautiful - thanks, Jason , for pointing me to this one. Did it with .NET - YAPES: Problem Six
  • Blog Post: MS People

    Community AnIyer - geekSpeak - GlenGo - MithunD - WoodyP - Dev / Arch AntonD - DaChou -
  • Blog Post: I'm supposed to be writing, but...

    Apologies in advance to Don Syme here. I'm weak, and easily distracted. F# is my muse. let WriteChaptersAsync (x) = async { use someBrain = Brain.OpenAndThink(sprintf "getIt.tmp" x) let! ideas = someBrain.ReadAsync(thoughts) let ideas' = TransformIntoParagraphs(pages,x) use outStream = Brain.OpenAndWrite...
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