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  • Blog Post: MSDN geekSpeak Feb 2009 shows

    Hey - we've got a great line-up for Feb 2009.  Join us LIVE and get your questions answered by our developer experts.  Shows are recorded each Wednesday from Noon to 1pm PST.  If you can make it to the live show, you can always catch the recording via .wmv or podcast on our geekSpeak series...
  • Blog Post: geekSpeak Channel9 developer-to-developer webcasts

    Now, that my BI book is nearly done (yes, you read it here first!), I am getting back into geekSpeak in a big way. We've got two great shows booked for December and we'll soon announce shows for EACH week in Jan/Feb/Mar. geekSpeak: Cloud Services 101 with Aaron Skonnard 12/3/08; 12:00 PM (PST) http:...
  • Blog Post: September 2008 geekSpeak shows

    We have a great line-up for September (Live each Wednesday at noon PST to 1 pm) - check it out! In case you missed it, we have a series page on MSDN , and a show on Channel 9 too :) 9/3/2008 12:00 PM - geekSpeak: REST and Windows Communication Foundation 3.5 with Adnan Masood
  • Blog Post: Two weeks in Seattle with SoCalDevGal

    I've just returned from a trip to Seattle.  Many of you have asked, "What are you doing there?"  So, here you go.... The overall purpose of the trip was technical readiness.  To that end I (mostly) attended a MS-internal conference called TechReady.  Nearly all sessions...
  • Blog Post: geekSpeak taking off the month of July -see you in August

    Oops, I forgot to mention this.  We'll be back, better than ever in August.  See the link below for links to our four August shows. geekSpeak : geekSpeak taking off the month of July -see you in August
  • Blog Post: MSDN geekSpeak: Workflow Services in .NET 3.5 with Jon Flanders

    Tune in to tomorrow's (June 18) geekSpeak w/MVP WF/WCF/BizTalk expert and all-around brainiac Jon Flanders. Oh btw, I happen to think he's one of the best technical instructors I've ever had the pleasure of hearing teach as well. I am looking forward to 'seeing' you on geekSpeak tomorrow. MSDN Webcast...
  • Blog Post: I'll be in San Diego, speaking on BI and more

    I'll be speaking on Data Mining for .NET developers at the MS Office in San Diego on Thursday , May 15th.  The event is free and starts at 6:30 pm  You do not have to be a member of the UG to attend.  It is being held at the MS Office in San Diego.  The SQL UG website lists the date...
  • Blog Post: MS People

    Community AnIyer - geekSpeak - GlenGo - MithunD - WoodyP - Dev / Arch AntonD - DaChou -
  • Blog Post: geekSpeak and why it's cooler than a podcast

    Hey - check it out, while at Mix08 in Las Vegas - Glen and I talked to Nikita from Channel 8 about geekSpeak . Like my shirt? Very 'bling, bling' isn't it? That's the shirt we gave out to Mix attendees for making a donation to the YMCA for National Women's History month. I did a blog entry about it...
  • Blog Post: Learning Silverlight? Join geekSpeak webcasts

    This link points to an 'all up' MSDN webcast page for Silverlight. We've got not one, but two geekSpeak webcasts scheduled (one tomorrow, one next month), with Silverlight developer experts. Join us! Microsoft Silverlight: Light Up the Web
  • Blog Post: geekSpeak: Join a Discussion Like No Other

    Now available in two formats - all shows - both .wmv and now (new) .mp3. Podcasts of geekSpeak - check 'em out! geekSpeak: Join a Discussion Like No Other
  • Blog Post: geekSpeak: The Web Client Software Factory with Paulo Morgado

    I love this 'classic' geekSpeak, that is - lots of new information, presented at a level of depth that the audience enjoyed on a topic that was useful - check it out. geekSpeak: The Web Client Software Factory with Paulo Morgado Do remember that all geekSpeak shows (past, present and future) now can...
  • Blog Post: geekSpeak: Developer-to-Developer Conversations

    Check it out - we've got all the past, present and future geekSpeak webcasts in one place! Register now to join the live shows, which run Wednesdays, 12 - 1 pm PST. Or you can listen to recorded shows. geekSpeak: Join a Discussion Like No Other
  • Blog Post: MSDN geekSpeak - whole 'lotta shows for Dec 2007/Jan 2008

    We've got great guest experts - join us live Wednesdays from 12 to 1pm PST for the virtual chalktalk - geekSpeak. If you can't make the live show, catch recorded shows at . Dec12 - Brian Loesgen - BizTalk Adapters
  • Blog Post: geekSpeak - Wednesday, November 28th - httpHandlers and httpModules with Chris Love

    Join Glen and me for this week's geekSpeak. We are looking forward to 'seeing' you there. Also the January lineup for geekSpeak will be available shortly. Next geekSpeak - Wednesday, November 28th - httpHandlers and httpModules with Chris Love
  • Blog Post: Download details: Search Server 2008 Express VHD

    This is test environment for the newly-released Search Search (a version of SharePoint Server that we've licensed for search, plus a few other interesting changes). Check it out Download details: Search Server 2008 Express VHD
  • Blog Post: from me (SoCalDevGal) to you : SharePoint 2007 Developer Links on one page

    Many of you have asked for one 'all-up' list of the various SharePoint Developer links and resources that I've posted on my blog over time. Here you go - note the first link is to the 12-part webcast series Mike and I recorded (intro to development on SharePoint). Contagious Curiosity : SharePoint 2007...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint 2007 Developer Resources

    I've had a large number of emails from .NET developers who want more information about SharePoint Development. I decided to create this static page on my blog as a FAQ. I'll section it so that it's more usable. Getting Started My 12-part MSDN webcast series (with Mike Benkovich) on SharePoint for...
  • Blog Post: geekSpeak December 2007 schedule

    Hope to 'see' you there! December 2007 3 shows this month All shows LIVE at Noon to 1 pm PST Registration links Dec 5 - Bill James - LINQ to SQL Dec 12 - Brian Loesgen - BizTalk Adapters
  • Blog Post: My 15 minutes (well, 24 actually) on Channel 9

    Everyone gets their 15 minutes, right? I guess this is mine. If nothing else, Asli and I certainly amuse each other!
  • Blog Post: geekSpeak: LINQ to SharePoint with Bart de Smet

    Join us Wed, Oct 31 at noon PST to talk with Bart about his implementation of LINQ to SharePoint (on CodePlex ). Here's his bio - A former Visual C# MVP, Bart De Smet now works at Microsoft Corporation on the WPF dev team in an SDE role. Prior to this new challenge, Bart was active in the Belgian community...
  • Blog Post: I'm in NorCal next week == busy!

    Monday / Tuesday, I am scheduled to do something really different for me - attend a technical conference where 'no boys are allowed' - it's called She's Geeky and will be held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. The attendee list is pretty darn interesting. I think I'm going to have...
  • Blog Post: SharePoint Architecure presentation & dev poster from San Diego

    Here's a link to the deck from my presentation today. Also, here's a link to the detailed SharePoint developer poster that I talked about in my presentation as well. Download details: 2007 Office System: Developer Posters
  • Blog Post: new geekSpeak shows up on Channel9

    I put the recordings for these shows up on Ch9 geekSpeak today: 1) XNA game programming w/Nick Landry 2) Workflow policies w/Mark Dunn Also, join us live tomorrow (Wednesday) at 12 noon PST for this show: MSDN geekSpeak: Using SharePoint Server as a Development Platform with Paul Stork (Level 200) Join...
  • Blog Post: Free Workshop: SharePoint Document Workflow for Developers

    Big Thanks to Robert Shelton for this. Ok, SharePoint workflow developers (and I know you are out there) get this series for yourself. Robert has done a GREAT job documenting. Now, the one caveat, is that Robert has posted his files to our LIVE SkyDrive, which only works in US currently. I did send him...
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