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  • Blog Post: The Women in Tech Lunch at Mix11 generates action

    The first-ever LEGO Serious Play event at the WiT Mix11 luncheon hosted around 100 attendees, both women and men.  I co-led the event with LEGO superstar, Thomas Mueller (shown below leading a LEGO Mindstorms event at the Microsoft Store in Mission Viejo, CA). Thomas graciously lent us over 8,000...
  • Blog Post: SoCalDevGal is still Mix(ed) up – part 2 - what about IE8?

    Maybe these new FREE Hands on Labs will help.  Let me know if they do.  Also my colleague, Mithun Dhar, has been blogging about IE8 for developers . MSDN Virtual Lab: Building Web Slices with Internet Explorer 8 Developer MSDN Virtual Lab: Preparing for...
  • Blog Post: SoCalDevGal is still Mix(ed up) – part 1 – Attendees tell it like it is

    So, I didn’t get to Mix09, but 50 of my closest friends did.  So, I asked them about it and here’s what they said: From The Developers Announcements that mattered most – MVC , Silverlight 3 , Super Preview From The Designers Announcements that mattered most – Silverlight 3 , Super Preview , SketchFlow...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight 3 out-of-browser support

    Great blog post from fellow evangelist Chris Koenig – enjoy it here !
  • Blog Post: Mix09 - so what?

    Are you a web developer and/or designer?  March 18-20 in Las Vegas is Mix09 and you should go. I know what you are thinking.  "Oh, I'd love to, but, yeah, right how do I justify a Vegas trip now?" More than ever now smartness wins. Networking wins.  Inspiration and fun are still...
  • Blog Post: geekSpeak and why it's cooler than a podcast

    Hey - check it out, while at Mix08 in Las Vegas - Glen and I talked to Nikita from Channel 8 about geekSpeak . Like my shirt? Very 'bling, bling' isn't it? That's the shirt we gave out to Mix attendees for making a donation to the YMCA for National Women's History month. I did a blog entry about it...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Controls

    Have you checked out the Silverlight 2.0 beta 1 controls introduced at Mix last week? Make your life easy... Silverlight Controls
  • Blog Post: Steve Ballmer and Guy Kawasaki Keynote @ MIX Online

    Watch Steve Ballmer and Guy Kawasaki Keynote This was one of my favorite things at Mix08 this week. There is a TON of information to absorb and understand from Mix - a great place to start is to watch the sessions from Mix that of interest to you - those sessions are available online at this location
  • Blog Post: {iGive=y}; at Mix08

    {iGive=y}; Help Microsoft support the YWCA in honor of National Women’s History month in March by exchanging a donation for a limited edition iGive shirt. The shirts will be distributed by members of Microsoft’s Developer Platform & Evangelism team at Mix 08 on March 7 & 8 th in Las Vegas...
  • Blog Post: Use this cool app to build your schedule for Mix08

    Going to Mix08 next week? Check out this cool Vista (WPF) application. These are the sessions I am going to try to catch each day as well. I am looking forward to seeing you there. Wednesday Thursday Friday get the WPF Mix08 schedule app
  • Blog Post: "How Do I?" videos

    These are great! Check 'em out. - Also coming soon are videos for IIS and C++. ASP.Net videos ASP.Net AJAX videos Devices videos Expression videos Extensibility videos Office/VSTO videos Silverlight videos Visual Basic videos VSTS videos Windows Forms videos WPF videos
  • Blog Post: geekSpeak is moving to Channel 9

    Check it out - I'm co-hosting a show on Channel 9 . More details, such as show schedule, guests, follow shortly! We've got many, many cool things planned for this - watch for updates on my blog.
  • Blog Post: As a developer, which Microsoft technologies should I learn now?

    Kirk Allen writes eloquently on this topic in his blog . I would only quibble with the order of his list - my ranking would move the Identity Metasystem to position 6.
  • Blog Post: Jim Hugunin's Thinking Dynamic : Dynamic Languages and the Common Language Runtime (CLR)

    As I work to absorb the raft of recent announcements (mostly around MIX07), I discovered the DLR - or dynamic language runtime. Jim's blog is devoted to helping you to understand how to work with DLR languages, such as IronPython. His entire blog is a great read! Specifically from MIX is this: "We're...
  • Blog Post: WPF / Expressions Videos -

    Learning WPF? This is a great new site that will help you. In addition to the videos, there are links to downloadable samples, client controls, virtual labs and much more. Link to Video Tutorials -
  • Blog Post: Silverlight 1.1 Developer Reference poster

    Released at Mix07 - this is a great reference tool to help you understand Silverlight .
  • Blog Post: Windows Live Dev

    This site has been completely updated and revised - check it out. Also, if you are following the announcements comming out of Mix07 - you are probably interested in hearing more about Silverlight . Link to Windows Live Dev
  • Blog Post: Windows Live SDK

    It's more than Virtual Earth and Spaces! Includes APIs for all of the Windows Live services - check it out. Also, we'll have many announcements this week at the Mix07 conference in Las Vegas. Link to Windows Live SDK
  • Blog Post: Web Developer or Designer? Want a free copy of Vista Ultimate?

    Go to MIX07 April 30 to May 2 in Las Vegas and get a copy of Vista Ultimate for free . I went to Mix06 (before I was working at Microsoft - well, I actually worked for a vendor, but also got to see quite a bit of the conference). MIX is fun, filled with interesting people and you'll pick up some useful...
  • Blog Post: Shows, shows, shows - which one should I go to?

    I've attended or worked at most major Microsoft shows over the past few years and am often asked "Which show is best and why?" Having just returned from attending a terrific week-long show (TechReady - it's for internal MS employees only), I've been thinking a bit about this. First here's my non-inclusive...
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