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  • Blog Post: Teaching Kids Programming with Agile Practices

    Here’s our deck from the international Agile2011 conference, where we are presenting tomorrow.  Our talk is called ‘Teaching Kids Programming with Agile Practices.’ Teaching kids programming with agile 2011 View more presentations from Llewellyn Falco
  • Blog Post: Teaching Kids Programming using the Intentional Method

    Here’s the presentation deck for our talk at the national Computer Science teacher’s conference in NYC this July – enjoy. Teaching Kids Programming using the Intentional Method View more presentations from Lynn Langit .
  • Blog Post: TKP Tips: Teaching the SmallBasic HOUSES recipe

    This is generally the second recipe the kids work with (the first one is SQUARE – and there are lots of tips and videos on how we teach programming generally, i.e. using Agile methods and specifically for that first recipe on TKP here .  Please go there FIRST if need be. In this blog post, I’ll...
  • Blog Post: TKP Tips: Making a SmallBasic runnable flash drive

    We discovered a shortcut that makes teaching #TKP courseware with SmallBasic even easier.  You can put everything you need for each pair of students on a single flash drive – SmallBasic, SmallBasic Extensions, Courseware, etc… AND you can run SmallBasic itself directly from this drive.  So...
  • Blog Post: Update on Teaching Kids Programming

    We are frequently asked, ‘Just what are you guys doing now?’ about our work Teaching Kids Programming.  Enjoy this short video update! Viewing this content requires Silverlight. You can download Silverlight from .
  • Blog Post: Teaching Kids Programming with SmallBasic video

    We taught the first of our new, weekly events at the Microsoft office in Irvine, CA today.  The high school group coded up two SmallBasic recipes.  Here’s a video of how the day went.
  • Blog Post: Developers and Educators–Working together to teach kids programming

    I uploaded a deck (with recordings) on ways to engage the developer community to work with local educators to teach kids programming – enjoy! Developers and Educators - Teaching Kids Programming View more presentations from Lynn Langit .
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Developer Tools–for Kids and Adults

    Here’s the deck for my talk at University of California, Irvine next week – enjoy! Microsoft Developer Tools NOW for Kids and Adults View more presentations from Lynn Langit .
  • Blog Post: Teach a Kid to Code a Holiday Card

    Happy holidays from my little volunteer group at .  To celebrate the season we’ve written a new recipe for you to share with your kids – teach them to code and make a custom holiday card at the same time! Here’s a sample output, but of course you can change anything...
  • Blog Post: Teaching Kids Programming March / April Updates

    Llewellyn and I have continued to work on the Teaching Kids Programming Resources, we’d like to share progress here: 1) We registered the domain names and and will be migrating resources there over the next few months. 2) We created a calendar...
  • Blog Post: Teaching Programming Resources

    List of Links to Resources Concept Videos Sample Recipe video - note **we are moving all content to ** 1 minute Overview - what is 'Teaching Kids Programming?' 5 minute How to Setup - how to setup SmallBasic and Extensions 5 minute Square Recipe watch us program...
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