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  • Blog Post: Leaving Microsoft

    This will be last blog post to this blog, as I am leaving Microsoft effective Monday, October 17.  Post-Microsoft I’ll be contracting (data projects, both production and education) and spending more time growing ‘Teaching Kids Programming’ around the world.  Two years ago someone dear to me...
  • Blog Post: New blog location for SoCalDevGal

    Check out my new blog (‘Toward Data Craftsmanship) at Also note my twitter handle is now @lynnlangit. I’m preparing for 10 live talks on SQL Server and SQL Azure in October alone, so RSS to get lots of new content as I post after each talk this month.  I am also preparing...
  • Blog Post: SQL Azure Developer Tools

    Deck for my presentation this Saturday at SQL Saturday #95 in San Diego – it has been updated and includes information about the newly-updated SQL Azure management portal. SQL Azure for SQL Saturday #95 View more presentations from Lynn Langit
  • Blog Post: SQL Server and SQL Azure for Developers

    Here are the decks from my presentations for TechEd Australia this week.  The sessions will be recorded.  I’ll post the links after – thanks. SQL Server 2008 R2 Features for Developers View more presentations from Lynn Langit . And Here SQL Azure Tools and Frameworks for Developers View more...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Developer Tools (Juneau)–first look

    I have been preparing a talk (for an internal Microsoft product training) on the new SQL Server Developer Tools (or SSDT – code named ‘Juneau), based on the SQL Server vNext CTP 3 (code named – ‘Denali’). I encourage you to try this out.  To do so, you’ll need to have Visual Studio 2010, with SP1...
  • Blog Post: Getting Started With SQL Azure Development

    **this is an update to the article published late last year in MSDN Magazine – it includes information current as of May 29th, including the TechEd 2011 SQL Azure announcements** In addition to the information in this article, I recently did a series of presentations on SQL Azure for the SSWUG – below...
  • Blog Post: FREE Developer Azure Training in SoCal

    Register as below: Los Angeles – June 2 nd - Irvine – June 6 th - San Diego – June 7 th - Also for WindowsPhone7 – June 4th Santa Monica - Also get your FREE Windows Azure Trial Account Go here - http://windowsazurepass...
  • Blog Post: New Series–Developer Tools for Azure

    Screencast series – Part One – Web Portal for Windows Azure Enjoy!
  • Blog Post: Migration to SQL Azure–Screencast

    Here are the slides and the webcast (broken into 15 minute chunks) – enjoy! This presentation includes demos using the following tools: 1) SQL Azure Migration Wizard 2) Access to SQL Azure Migration Wizard 3) SQL Server Management Studio 2008 R2 – scripting, DACPAC 4) Business Intelligence Development...
  • Blog Post: Dave Nielson (CloudCamp) and SoCalDevGal on ‘Big Data’

    I recently talked with Dave Nielson from CloudCamp on the topic of ‘Big Data’ on the Windows Azure platform – enjoy!
  • Blog Post: Twitter Data on SQL Azure

    Here’s the deck from my presentation at ‘24 Hours of SQL Pass’. 24 Hours of SQL Pass - SQL Azure View more presentations from Lynn Langit . To try out SQL Azure with no credit card, no hassle, 30 days – use this code DPWE02 The Twitter parser source code (CodePlex) is here .  What this does is as...
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure and SQL Azure Developer Tools

    Here’s my deck from today’s presentation at the Cloud Intelligence Conference in Anaheim, CA – enjoy! Windows Azure Tools for Developers View more presentations from Lynn Langit .
  • Blog Post: Twitter Data on SQL Azure Reporting–deck for 24Hours of SQLPass

    Presentation scheduled for March 16 at 11pm PST.  The complete virtual conference session list is here .  Here’s the deck – enjoy Twitter Data on SQL Azure for 24 Hours of SQL Pass 2011 View more presentations from Lynn Langit .
  • Blog Post: Try out Windows Azure or SQL Azure FREE

    No credit card, no hassle, 30 days – use this code DPWE01 Here’s the link – Enjoy!
  • Blog Post: SQL Azure for Developer–SoCalCodeCamp Presentation

    Here’s the deck – enjoy! SQL Azure for SoCalCodCamp View more presentations from Lynn Langit .
  • Blog Post: A MacBook Air–for a Microsoft Evangelist

    I bought a new laptop with my own money last week – the first time I’d purchased a laptop since I joined Microsoft nearly 4 years ago.  What did I plunk down a little over $ 1500 for?  A MacBook Air . What did I buy? A MacBook Air, 11” with 4 GB RAM and a 128 GB SSD – full spec here . What...
  • Blog Post: Trip Report: CloudCampLA

    Last night I attended and spoke at the second (annual?) CloudCampLA unConference in Manhattan Beach, CA. What are CloudCamps? Dave Nielsen , from San Jose, CA leads a group which organizes and hosts CloudCamp unConferences world-wide .  They are intended to bring early adopters and interested parties...
  • Blog Post: Teaching Teen-Aged Girls T-SQL

    Yes, you read that right.  Here’s what we use (and it works!) – “Query to find ‘hot’ boys”.  We created and ran this class last year (at DigiGirlz) and we wanted to share it with you.  Teach a teen-aged girl to code! All the setup instructions, code and answers are published on CodePlex...
  • Blog Post: SQL Azure deck from ‘Day of Azure’

    Here’s the deck Ike Ellis and I will be presenting on Dec 4 in San Diego for the community ‘Day of Azure II’ – enjoy! SQL Azure from Day of Azure II View more presentations from Lynn Langit .
  • Blog Post: SoCalDevGal on Vacation – in Africa

    Yes, I know most ‘normal’ people don’t go to work on their vacation.  But then, I am not usually described as normal.  In this blog post I’ll write about my fourth trip to Africa in as many years. Disclaimer: I forgot my camera!  Thanks to Esther Schorr, Annali Delsink, Albert Zulu and...
  • Blog Post: Migrating data to SQL Azure – from TechEd Africa

    Here’s the deck from my talk on migrating relational data to SQL Azure – enjoy! Migrating Data to SQL Azure View more presentations from Lynn Langit .
  • Blog Post: What’s New in SQL Azure – from Tech Ed Africa 2010

    Here’s the deck from my talk in Durban this morning – enjoy! What's New in SQL Azure View more presentations from Lynn Langit .
  • Blog Post: SQL Azure Deck – Updated for September 2010

    Here’s my SQL Azure deck for September presentations – updated with all August 2010 release changes.  I’ll be presenting this several times in September and October and will post the deck recording later during this time period.  Enjoy! SQL Azure September 2010 View more presentations from...
  • Blog Post: Where is SoCalDevGal – Fall 2010?

    This fall is shaping up to be a busy one. I’ll bet some of you will be in the same places as me too. Below is my tentative fall speaking schedule: August Mon, Aug 9 at Microsoft, Irvine w/Denny Cherry on SQL Server Scalability and Storage – day event Tues, Aug 10 at QuickStart, Irvine...
  • Blog Post: SQL Azure – Including June 2010 TechEd US Updates

    For my talks this month and next on SQL Azure – be sure to read the included slide notes as well if you download this deck.  I added all of the updates and announcements from TechEd US last week as well. Sql azure june_2010 View more presentations from lynnlangit .
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