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  • Blog Post: SoCalDevGal interview Bart de Smet and Mwansa Lumpa at TechEd Africa 2009

    Enjoy - (can you tell I was a bit jet lagged?) first Bart on his work with .NET 4.0 Framework then Mwansa on his work developing SmartCare in Zambia
  • Blog Post: Welcome (back) to the Hotel California after speaking in Europe

    After three weeks in Europe, SoCalDevGal is back home…”you can check out at any time you like, but you can never leave” and is thinking about the parts of the EU I visited and differences.  First from a professional standpoint, European audiences, particularly developer audiences, are notoriously...
  • Blog Post: SoCalDevGal is heading over to Europe

    Yup, I am taking a little work trip - leaving shortly for 20 days in Europe.  During this time I'll be speaking at TechDays Belgium in Antwerp , TechDays Sweden in Vasteras and more.  Although I've been to other European countries in the past, this will be my first trip to both Belgium and...
  • Blog Post: Get on the bus for 'The Code Trip'

  • Blog Post: SmartCare in Zambia

    At TechEd Barcelona this week I had the privilege of interviewing lead developer from the SmartCare team (electronic medical records tracking system being implemented in Zambia) Irene Pathy . Regular readers of my blog may know that I work with a world-wide team of developer and technical trainer volunteers...
  • Blog Post: Virtual TechEd from Barcelona starts Nov 5

    Many of you have sent mail saying you 'wished you were here too'. Now you can be, kind of - starting tomorrow (well, today where I am - jet lag is really got me!), you can catch some of the conference on Virtual TechEd . I am scheduled to record on Tuesday and Wednesday - so, check it out!
  • Blog Post: Getting ready to speak at TechEd Developers Barcelona next week

    I am super excited to be speaking at TechEd Developers in Barcelona next week. I am delivering a session on Monday, then leading a panel on Wednesday, and then delivering another session on Friday. In between I'll be hanging out at the Business Intelligence booth - stop by and say 'hi'! ------------...
  • Blog Post: Premier Walking - Golden Gate Bridge

    Although I am quite busy this week, when I travel I always try to do at least one thing that has nothing to do with work. Even though I've lived in California for years, until yesterday I'd never walked across the Golden Gate Bridge . For me, it's quite vital to feel the air and the wind and to see the...
  • Blog Post: I'm in NorCal next week == busy!

    Monday / Tuesday, I am scheduled to do something really different for me - attend a technical conference where 'no boys are allowed' - it's called She's Geeky and will be held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. The attendee list is pretty darn interesting. I think I'm going to have...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Live Labs: Photosynth

    Something fun for those of us unwilling to travel to Orlando. My favorite general tool is the 'fly around' view. I particularly like this view as well. Microsoft Live Labs: Photosynth
  • Blog Post: Perfect Code -- from Wolfram MathWorld

    Does is really look like this? Although always interested in math, I've never had the opportunity to have a formal math education. I have been kicking around the idea of going back to school to pursue an advanced degree in math, because, well..math just really interests me. I mean, who else do...
  • Blog Post: Traffic Gadget for Vista - I LOVE this one

  • Blog Post: Cool Zurich Airport XBAP application

    What's an XBAP application you might be asking? Well, it's a WPF application that runs in IE 7.0. Here's a cool example - Zurich airport.
  • Blog Post: Why am I so easily distracted?

    I am trying to work, but keep thinking about more interesting things like this....
  • Blog Post: Music is essential, lately it's j-pop

    Lately, I've been listening to Grapevine - picked this up in Tokyo. I really just couldn't even work if I didn't have music. It seems that my tastes are becoming increasingly eclectic. This year's finds includes the newest from Tom Waits , something extraordinary from a country singer (I normally can...
  • Blog Post: Tokyo pictures on Flickr

    I've just returned from 10 days in Tokyo. Lots of pictures are available on Flickr. This street "evangelist" in Tokyo made me smile - rubber dress, boots, microphone and really, really fast Japanese... If you get the chance to visit Tokyo - go there! I had a great time. Thanks to Roy for a really...
  • Blog Post: Tokyo-ga

    There's nothing I love more than seeing a new city. Tomorrow I'm off to Tokyo and will return March 17. Wish me luck on navigating the subway! Thanks to Mithun for the great tip (take a digital picture of your 'home station' and show it to people if you need help getting back...)
  • Blog Post: 80 degrees - a perfect LA day

    Visited MOCA Skin + Bones exhibit today . Perfect - beautiful (and sometimes wierd) dresses and interesting architecture. Can't wait to see the Prada Store for real in Tokyo next month. Saw the Disney Center for the first time - stunning. Love the airplane assembly in the plaza too.
  • Blog Post: It's 4, not 3

    Well, for the first time ever (in over a year of frequent air travel), I had the bad luck to get the picky security lady. Oh, you know the one - she reads the size label on each of your toiletries and delights in telling you which ones are not allowed "That's a four ounce container, nothing over three...
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