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  • Blog Post: September 2008 geekSpeak shows

    We have a great line-up for September (Live each Wednesday at noon PST to 1 pm) - check it out! In case you missed it, we have a series page on MSDN , and a show on Channel 9 too :) 9/3/2008 12:00 PM - geekSpeak: REST and Windows Communication Foundation 3.5 with Adnan Masood
  • Blog Post: When to use WCF where by MLB

    **updated to include links to other presentations at end of this post** Great MSDN article by Michele on the appropriate uses of WCF (focusing on the new features available in .NET 3.5). I just happen to be talking about that same topic today at the MSDN San Diego launch event and have updated...
  • Blog Post: OC.NET User Group May 7 in Irvine

    I'll be hosting the OC .NET UG at the Microsoft Irvine office from 6:30 to 9pm this Wednesday, May 7th with two great speakers from MS corporate - Charlie Calvert (on C# expert tips) and Lisa Feigenbaum (on VB.NET expert tips).   Even if you aren't a already member of this user group, you are...
  • Blog Post: Vibro.NET : Year's end blabbering: Omnidirectional Identities

    What does this crazy picture mean? Just read it, yes, the whole thing - you'll like it. This is one of the most interesting problems out there. "But, I don't care about that stuff (identity metasystem), I'm a dev" you say - uh, uh, uh - just read it. I'd be quite interested in your opinions on the content...
  • Blog Post: MSDN geekSpeak - whole 'lotta shows for Dec 2007/Jan 2008

    We've got great guest experts - join us live Wednesdays from 12 to 1pm PST for the virtual chalktalk - geekSpeak. If you can't make the live show, catch recorded shows at . Dec12 - Brian Loesgen - BizTalk Adapters
  • Blog Post: MSDN Events - Source Code from events in August - October 2007 (LINQ, WCF, Silverlight)

    An attendee pointed out that the resources didn't actually make it onto the DVD - download source code from demos and power point slides from the link below. Note that you can also watch a recording of the session (recording made by someone from our team). MSDN Events - Additional Resources
  • Blog Post: Popfly is a fun tool for non-developers

    Have you played with this fun (alpha) tool yet? If not, and you'd like an invite - let me know and I'll get you one. Microsoft Popfly
  • Blog Post: Write secure Vista code

    Read this book - it's excellent. To understand the book's content, you should read Writing Secure Code 2 first. Michael Howard's Web Log : New Book: Writing Secure Code for Windows Vista
  • Blog Post: MSDN Events and Webcasts: Microsoft Web Resources for Developers

    Check out the Whirlything . Hey, we made it using Silverlight too. It's fun, cool to look at, and, most importantly, gives you useful links to developer resources.
  • Blog Post: geekSpeak is moving to Channel 9

    Check it out - I'm co-hosting a show on Channel 9 . More details, such as show schedule, guests, follow shortly! We've got many, many cool things planned for this - watch for updates on my blog.
  • Blog Post: Windows Live Dev

    This site has been completely updated and revised - check it out. Also, if you are following the announcements comming out of Mix07 - you are probably interested in hearing more about Silverlight . Link to Windows Live Dev
  • Blog Post: Great post from Vittorio - Securing a Sidebar Gadget with Windows CardSpace and WCF

    Check this this out - it is so COOL!
  • Blog Post: Traffic Gadget for Vista - I LOVE this one

  • Blog Post: Vista Office Launch Resources

    Thanks for attending the recent Vista and Office Launch. Here are a bunch of resources, tips and links from my presentation. They are listed in order of the presentation. General event resources - includes .NET 3.0, .NETFx3 website, samples for download (Fabrikam, Feature Montage, Patient Monitoring...
  • Blog Post: Virtual Earth SDK is fun

    Check this out - an interactive SDK for Virtual Earth - boy, I could spend some time playing with this one!
  • Blog Post: Write Vista Gadgets using Managed Code

    Nikhil Kothari has released a tool which can help you do this if you plan to use C#. It's called Script# and it compiles C# to JavaScript (rather than IL). Here's an article from Nikhil's blog with sample code.
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