Wow, its all good news to report.

Michael Lehman just recently moved over to Jack's new team to focus upon the Factories Initiative. I don't think he's made this quite public yet, so I'll keep this one close to my chest.

Lucky Mike has taken all the slots this year at TechEd in Orlando, and left none for the rest of us on factories. Typical marketing boys getting in there first for all the glory!

He is focusing on the S+S (Software plus Services) Blueprints and Software Factories in two separate sessions. As Jack explains, the S+S Blueprints are a brand of lightweight software factory, so Mike is spending some time explaining them, and their relationship to the more 'substantial' (if you will) factories we have typically been talking about and continue to evolve.

See his post about it - S+S Blueprints and Software Factories Focus Groups at TechEd 2008.

If you are into factories this year at TechEd please drop by catch up with Mike and be one the 20 lucky folks collecting swag.