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June, 2005

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    Welcome to our blog!

    Howdy!! Welcome to our blog. I am Anand Rajagopalan, AnandRaj for short. I have been with Microsoft since 2000. I joined as a consultant in Microsoft consulting services organization. During my tenure as a consultant for 3 years in the Network Service...
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    Why Integration should not be an after thought?

    "Integration" has always been the "magical" word for the IT world. Traditionally "Integration" projects have always been after thought projects started after purchasing/building more than one system and result of making it to work together in some way...
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    Microsoft Axapta Enterprise Portal

    Microsoft Axapta Enterprise Portal enables customers, vendors, business partners and employees to directly access relevant business information and conduct business transactions with Microsoft Axapta through personalized, role-based Web portals. Enterprise...
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    About Me(y)

    I am “Mey” and I have been with Microsoft since Oct’2000.I started with Enterprise & Partner group building content and portal management systems for the Microsoft Sales Force . In January 2005, I moved into Microsoft Business Solutions group as Program...
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    Greetings, and welcome to our blog My name is Meyyappan Meenakshi Sundaram. I know you are trying real hard now to pronounce my name or wondering how many letters are there in my name. I believe in breaking any hard problem into small solvable problems...
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