Monday afternoon  ( 06/12/06 13:30-14:15) , I presented the  Enterprise Portal Session at Tech ED. The attendance for the session is at least  double that of last year. The same holds true for almost all the Dynamics sessions. It looks like slowly dynamics sessions are getting traction in Tech ED. The agenda for the session was as below

  • Introduction
  • Enterprise Portal Architecture
  • Value Proposition
  • Deep Dive
    • Create Basic Web Page / Import / Deploy
    • Advanced Web Pages
    • Debug Enterprise Portal
    • Setting Up Search
    • Encryption
    • Deploy & Create Enterprise Portal Site
  • Upgrade
  • Q & A

I demoed creating a web page in EP to display information from a table and then linking the page to a detail page. I also demoed  EP search and talked about deployment , security , encryption  , view sate, web part connection and upgrade. It was a very hectic day as I was in the Dynamics AX TLC area / AX booth from 9 AM to 1 PM and then followed immediately  with the EP session.