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July, 2006

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    Accessing SharePoint Document Library through UNC Path.

    If you have an Enterprise Portal site with the URL http://AX40VPC/Sites/EnterprisePortal and you need to access the document libraries in this site through windows explorer through the UNC path \\ax40vpc\sites\enterpriseportal from a windows 2003 server...
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    EP Samples from TechReady3

    Yesterday (07/24/2006) I presented at TechReady3 (Microsoft‘s Internal Technical Readiness Event) on the EP Session. I demoed creating a web page to display vendor list with “zero code”. And then I demoed how you could do the same thing completely through...
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    EP Web Part connection

    In the EP , Web Menu and Web Form Web Parts use SharePoint Web Part connection mechanism to pass the information required to identify a record in Dynamics AX Database known as record context to the pages invoked by menu items. The Web Form Web Part implements...
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    Microsoft Business Solutions Hits First Full Profitable Year

    Microsoft's closely-watched business applications unit hit its first-ever profitable year. For the full fiscal year 2006 ending June 30, Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) logged a slim profit of $24 million on sales of $919 million .... http:/...
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    Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal Customer Self Service Scenarios

    Today I got an email from a partner about Customer Self Service Scenarios in Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal. Basically it is about how the Enterprise Portal platform move to SharePoint plays out for Customer Self Service Scenarios. Since most...
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    Install and Configure a Microsoft Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal Server

    A new whitepaper providing step-by-step instructions to install Enterprise Portal 4.0 and all the necessary technology stacks is now available at
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