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January, 2010

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About Me(y)

I am “Mey” and I have been with Microsoft since Oct’2000.I started with Enterprise & Partner group building content and portal management systems for the Microsoft Sales Force . In January 2005, I moved into Microsoft Business Solutions group as Program Manager. I currently work on Axapta  and my Feature area is Enterprise Portal Deployment and Admin.

My career goal is to transform poorly understood complex business problems into simple, well understood solvable problems by applying abstract frameworks and innovate solutions and technologies to solve them.

Prior to MSFT, I worked in Singapore developing Helpdesk/ Facilities/ Asset mgmt products for a software company, wherein I developed deep interest in ERP, which of course landed me in this current job. During this I had the opportunity to travel across the globe and work directly with partners and customers and implement innovative solutions.

I started my software career in Bangalore with banking industry working on Trade Finance software modules for a multi national Bank and later moved into their Regional Head Office in Singapore.

I have two kids Meena and Shammu  and living in Sammamish with my wife Amutha. (I hope the commute will get better this yearJ.). Click here to view our family web site.

I graduated from Alagappa Chettiar College of Engineering and Technology, Karaikudi , India.  in  Electrical & Electronics. (Bachelor of Engineering)

About Anand Rajagopalan


Welcome to our blog. I am Anand Rajagopalan, AnandRaj for short. I have been with Microsoft since 2000. I  joined as a consultant in Microsoft consulting services organization. During my tenure as a consultant for 3 years in the Network Service Provider (NSP) division I had worked with numerous E-Commerce and enterprise customers. I was responsible for driving Microsoft technology adoptions by Premier NSP and Ecommerce customers by helping them architect their solutions on top of Microsoft technologies. I specialized in C++, COM(ATL), COM+, .NET Enterprise Services, ASP.NET and MSMQ.
In 2003 I moved to the Indigo team taking on the reins of a Program Manager for the Microsoft Message Queuing product. For starters Indigo is the next generation SOA based distributed programming model built on top of web services. I am responsible for the MsmqIntegration channel feature in Indigo and MSMQ V 4.0 in Longhorn and Sustained engineering ( I will talk more about the features in my future blogs).

Before joining Microsoft I worked with Meyyappan my co-blogger in an ISV in Singapore for 4 years. I was part of a team that wrote a building automation system software which lets you control different devices of a building from the click of a mouse. One of the cool features that I envisioned and implemented was the integration of device scheduling with outlook calendar. You could schedule devices as if you schedule a conference room and the devices would turn on and turn off automatically at the appointed time. We also integrated voice recognition (Yes, you can command the devices and they will obey!!) and telephony into our software system. It was a damn cool project to be working on to say the least. I learnt tons of C++, MFC, COM and OLE during the 4 years.

My first job out of college was in a software company in Chennai, India in 1994. I was on a team that developed dial-pad and call-center software for a telephony card manufacturing company in the US. They bundled our software with their card. I still remember working long days on Rockwell and Sierra AT command sets. When Windows 95 came out we migrated our code to use TAPI (an extremely brave effort given TAPI was in its V1.0). This saved us a lot of branching in the code that were specific to either Rockwell or Sierra AT commands. But I would admit that we had one heck of a time trying to get TAPI working. I take it as lessons that you learn the hard way!!. Yes I am a very positive person.

I did my bachelors in computer science and engineering from Sri Venkateswara college of Engineering in Chennai, India from 1990 – 1994.

I have been married for 10 years now with my college sweetheart Jayashree Anand. We have a lovely daughter Lakshmi. She is 9 years old.After finishing college Jay and I worked together in Singapore and she has been working with me in Microsoft for the past 4 years. We are kind-a inseperable [:D]. Jay specializes in SQL, BI , Reporting Services and ASP.NET. You will hear from her shortly.

Mey, Jay and I have been friends for a quite a while now. Each of us have specialization in certain specific areas of enterprise computing and we have a good 30 years of experience in implementing and fine tuning enterprise solutions for our customers between us.

We thought we could share that experience with you all to learn about your problems and provide innovative and time proven solutions that you could go back and implement in your shop.

About Anandh Seshadri

Hi there,

I am Anandh Seshadri (in short, Anandh). I have been with Microsoft for more than 4 years, focusing on developing Content management and Enterprise Portal platforms for internal MS sales force. I have been in IT field for more than 10 years, worked in many different application domains at various capacities.

Before joining Microsoft, I was working for few software companies in Bangalore and Chennai, India, where I had the opportunity to groom myself in learning and expanding my knowledge in various application domains like finance, manufacturing, mortgage, simulation and others. I was instrumental in developing and implementing several software packages for a German client selling products to top insurance companies in Germany.

I graduated from Birla Institue of Technology & Science (BITS), India, in the year 1991, in Chemical Engineering.

Welcome you all to Soultions blog! You will hear more interesting articles from us soon.

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