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August, 2004

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    Earlier today, we announced a couple of decisions from Microsoft. I have heard a number of queries from developers about what this really means and wanted some clarification. In a nutshell, the decisions that we announced earlier today are: 1. We are...
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    .NET migration

    I was fascinated to read some of the comments in response to my recent blog entry titled VB – yesterday, today and tomorrow . It is very exciting to see that Visual Basic .NET has such passionate supporters and that an equal number of people feel the...
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    Security - How we enable you to write secure code

    A couple of weeks ago I hosted a meeting with a group of CxOs where I spoke about Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing initiative and Microsoft’s commitment to security. I spoke at length about improvements in our internal efforts to build and release secure...
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    Security - an integral part of VS2005 product development

    In the last few years, as you all know security has been absolutely top of mind and a key priority for us at Microsoft. You have heard us talk about Trustworthy Computing Initiative. You have heard us talk about how we have fundamentally changed our software...
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    The ISV Buddy Program - Access to "an insider" at Microsoft

    If you are an ISV out there building on our greatest and latest platform and technologies, wouldn’t it be very nice to know an insider at Microsoft who can be your buddy – to answer any questions you might have, to help you get access to the...
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    VB - yesterday, today and tomorrow!

    A couple of weeks ago, I was doing a couple of on-line chat sessions with our worldwide MVPs. This was the first time I was doing one of these sessions and going in I wasn’t sure how effective or productive such sessions would be. It was incredible...
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