The Developer Division at Microsoft consists some of the smartest people I have known.  It has been about 10 months since I joined this division and I am having a blast so far.  A lot of the leaders in this division have decades of experience building development tools and development platform technologies.


This week, we launched a page that will give you quick access to some of the thoughts that our senior leaders in Developer Division are sharing with you all through their blogs.  For example, we have blogs from Eric Rudder – Senior Vice President of Server and Tools, Sara Williams, the fearless leader of the MSDN team, Jason Zander who runs the CLR team, Rick Laplante who heads our enterprise tools team, Lori Pearce who runs the platform SDK team and several others.


We are all very committed to engaging with you – our customers, because this connection is critical in helping us build a better product.  Your feedback via these blogs is extremely useful.  It helps us get valuable feedback during our design process, get your comments on the early builds and get your involvement in every step of the product development process.


Take a look at these blogs written by our leaders and let me know what you would like to hear from us in our blogs.