What happens when you marry the most widely used cross-platform language on the planet with an ISO-standardized language-neutral runtime environment?  You get C++/CLI – the powerful new syntax for building . NET Framework masterpieces in C++. If you haven't seen it already, this article provides a good insight into the feature. 

The .NET Framework supports many different programming languages and different people believe that their language of choice is better suited for CLI and the .NET Framework.   We want all developers, whether they program in C++, C# or VB, to have a great experience while building . NET Framework based systems and applications.  Each language has its unique strengths.  Why should a .NET programmer use C++?  Several reasons come to mind – preservation of your code base, efficient interoperability, templates, generics, multiple inheritance and deterministic resource management. 

C++/CLI is one more step to make C++ developers feel at home using the .NET Framework.  With C++/CLI, we want to make C++ development on .NET as natural as native C++ development.