Visual Studio installs with a collection of bitmaps, cursors, icons, metafiles, and videos to assist developers with Windows and Web application development. The collection of image resources from various Microsoft products has accumulated over time, and we’ve heard clearly from our customers that the old outdated elements are essentially unusable and what they need is a library of updated, current images for use in their new applications!

This is one of the top requests that we have heard from our customers via the MSDN Feedback Center.  Check out what customers have been asking at:

To answer this need, we have defined and organized a new image resource collection to be shipped with Visual Studio 2005.  In Visual Studio 2005 Beta2, customers will see over 600 images in .bmp and .ico format, including the most common actions and elements found Windows, Office and Visual Studio UI.  In the RTM version, we will additionally extend the library to include web format (.gif) for our users who would appreciate a smaller size for their web applications.

As a preview, here is a partial list of a few of the common command elements which can be found in the library:

New, Open, Save, Save as Web Page
Print, Print Preview, Print Setup
Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete
Undo, Redo
Back, Forward, Stop, Home, Refresh, Search the Web
Sort (general), Sort Ascending, Sort Descending
Folder, New Folder, Move to Folder
Page Setup
Fill Color, Font Color
Move Folder, Copy Folder, Delete Folder
Appointment, Meeting Request
Task, Note
Check Spelling
Font, Bullets and Numbering
Decrease Indent, Increase Indent
Align Left, Align Center, Align Right
Bold, Italic, Underline
Bullets, Numbering


Thanks to Anssi Virtanen for giving this input via email.