I consider myself an amateur photographer.  I have always been excited about taking panoramic pictures, but never wanted to invest in a super high end camera that enables me to do that.  The “image stitching” feature in Acrylic is a boon for amateurs like me who want to be able to take multiple images and be able to stitch them together very easily to create a panoramic view.

Most digital cameras (or scanners) capture a limited amount of information, forcing you to take multiple images if you want to capture a large original.  Some advanced but expensive cameras offer built-in panoramic capabilities.  I was giving a talk at a management class last night and was driving by Mt. Si.  It was a clear day and I ended up taking a bunch of shots.  

This morning, I was able to use the ‘Image Stitching’ feature in Microsoft Acrylic that let me create this panoramic view of Mt. Si.  All it took me was two simple steps – insert the individual images taken via a low-end digital camera, click ‘Stitch Selected Images…’ from the Image menu item and presto - I had a panoramic view ready for publication. Here is my “masterpiece”.