I first heard about Sudoku when my parents sent some Sudoku puzzles for my older daughter a couple of years ago.  Clearly, some parts of the world were already getting Sudoku-frenzied.


After Europe, Japan and some other parts of Asia, the Sudoku craze is slowly gripping the United States.  The deceptively simply 81-cell grid can capture one’s attention for hours. With more than 10 raised to 21 solutions, Sudoku can challenge most of us.


But what captured my attention more than Sudoku was the implementation of the game on the ultra-mobile Tablet PC using the Microsoft .NET Framework.  The ultra-mobile Tablet PC (UMPC) runs Windows XP Tablet PC Edition enabling you to use all the APIs required for full Tablet applications.  The UMPC has a smaller screen but it is touch-sensitive.  This makes it more accessible and user friendly because you can use your finger or any solid pen like object.


As a developer, on the UMPC, you can use the Mobile PC API, The Tablet PC API, WinSock2.0, Windows Power Management Functions – coupled with the productivity of Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. This is just one example of a cool application for using pen and ink on a powerful, connected, ultra-mobile device.  Imagine the innovation possibilities for web browsing, email, real time communication, health-care, digital images, digital movies, digital television, gaming, education, financial management, research, GPS – the possibilities are endless.