This is the fourth year of the Imagine Cup tournament that is happening.  Our goal with the Imagine Cup is to provide a forum for students around the world who are like-minded and passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems come toghther and show their best ideas.

Today, we have the Finals for the US Imagine Cup 2006 Software Design competition.  I got a chance to talk to the finalists at this event this morning.  As always, when I get a chance to talk to students and particuarly students who are jazzed about using technology I get excited about that.

The theme for this year's Imagine Cup is "Imagine a life where technology enables us to lead healthier lives".  I wish all the US finalists for the Software Design category all the very best.

The world-wide finals are going to be held in India later this year in August.  I hope to see at least some of you there.