I am on the road this week traveling outside of the United States.  This has given me an opportunity to sort of step back and look at some of what has happened this week.


Between Windows Vista, Office 2007, .NET FX 3.0, Visual Studio Tools for Office Second Edition – we released to manufacturing huge advances in our product line that is the work of literally tens of thousands of engineers at Microsoft and our partners (software and hardware) – let alone the significant contributions by hundreds of thousands of customers from around the world who gave us valuable feedback through the product development cycle.


Yes – there have been ups and downs, twists and turns for some of these.  But today when I look at these products that are coming out, it feels awesome.


The Developer Division has contributed significantly to these releases and I want to congratulate and thank all the people that worked hard – both in my division and in the community to help deliver all these great releases this week.