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April, 2007

  • Somasegar's blog

    Listening to your feedback - Expression and MSDN

    When we announced Expression Studio last December, we saw great excitement from both the design and development community – excitement that is clearly reflected in the hundreds of thousands of CTP and trial downloads we’ve already seen. Following the...
  • Somasegar's blog

    Visual Studio "Orcas" and .NET FX 3.5 Beta1 shipped!

    Today we signed off on the Beta 1 release for Visual Studio “Orcas” and .NET FX 3.5. I am very proud of what my team has accomplished and want to take this opportunity to thank them for the great work they have done – in terms of innovation, new...
  • Somasegar's blog

    Silverlight - The next generation web experiences

    Today at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference, Microsoft is again demonstrating how we are enabling our customers to have richer experiences on the web by announcing Microsoft Silverlight - a new, cross-platform, cross-browser plug...
  • Somasegar's blog

    MIX 07 - Silverlight shines brighter!

    Today, the Microsoft MIX conference kicked off with Ray Ozzie and Scott Guthrie giving the opening keynotes. We did make a number of new announcements today which I summarize as the next wave of Silverlight . A couple of weeks ago at NAB, we talked...
  • Somasegar's blog

    Information when you need

    I strongly believe in the power of the community. One of the most important things our customers need is access to information that they need and when they need. We do provide product documentation and other kinds of information – but I always say that...
  • Somasegar's blog

    Down the Expression memory lane...

    Last Friday, we reached a major milestone in our quest to win the hearts and minds of creative designers with the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) of the first edition of Expression Studio. It has been a very interesting journey so far with a lot of twists...
  • Somasegar's blog

    "Orcas" conversation w/channel 9

    I got a chance to talk to our Channel 9 friend (Charles Torre) again today on the occasion of the team signing off on Visual Studio “Orcas” and .NET FX 3.5 Beta 1. Like always, it is fun to get to share some of my thoughts with you all through channel...
  • Somasegar's blog

    IIS 7.0 Beta3 with Go Live license

    I am excited to say that yesterday my team released Beta 3 of IIS7 in conjunction with Windows Server Codename “Longhorn” Beta 3. As part of this release, Microsoft is also offering a Go Live license for IIS7 that provides production use rights...
  • Somasegar's blog

    Prescriptive Guidance for Visual Studio Team System

    The patterns & practices team has recently released an impressive set of guidance that you can use to get more out of Visual Studio Team System. One of the things that I continuously hear from you is a strong need for more guidance on how to best...
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